Monday, May 11, 2009

she knows me after all!?

this is the sequel to my post on "a classmate who isn't my friend".

when i logged in to facebook yesterday, i was informed that i have a friend request. curious, i clicked confirm request page to see who could the person be. to my surprise, it was that *Btuth* girl that pretended that she did not know me or just don't remember me when we met at the clinic 9 years ago & i've rejected her request to tag herself in one of my old school photos.

if she was sincere...she would have requested friendship when she requested to tag herself in my photos wouldn't she? just because we have some mutual friends...she thinks she's forgiven & forgotten...not a chance!

"mrs. thinks she's all that" *Btuth*"!

see where the cursor is?~ IGNORE!!!

hah..too's just 9 years too late *Btuth*!..i dun want to know you all over again... thank you but no thank you very much for remembering me finally*! :(Pffffft...


  1. oh abaikan saja org seperti itu. sgt menyakitkan kepala!

  2. wah sungguh berani akak aida... hehehe tumpang lalu eh


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