Friday, July 24, 2009

the chronicles of 10 years ago today...the 'we're engaged' part...

yeap we're engaged 10 years ago today after only meeting each other for l month & 14 days!!! <3 Question: how did he propose?

Answer: well, again it's done the old school way-his parents came to visit mine...nope nothing fancy like he dropping to one knee & asked if i would actually marry him sorta way, or popping the question in front of our mutual friends kind of thing...err... well he did asked though..over the phone as a matter of fact!!! & set about the date when his parents could actually come & visit mine...hahaha...;D

during the visit our parents had come to the agreement that there's no reason to delay of our union...& so the dates been set right there & then ( well actually during desserts) for us to become ONE finally!:D

so there..will update the chronicles on the 19th of Sept 2009 (190909)...

cos that will be our 10 year Anniversary together...BLISS!!! <3

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