Thursday, July 23, 2009


been unable to update for the past week since the damn pc is 'unexplainably' offline...& yes the bill has been paid up todate ;P...but it just refused to be connected..hence it's simply impossible for me to blog about my MU experience last weekend...;(
but i will once the damn (pardon my language) thing is back online again!

Question: err..where am i now?
Answer: at a lil cyber cafe somewhere in Kota Damansara while waiting for me hubby to meet me up after his appointment.

it's kinda frustrating actually since the appointment was suppose to be held at the Pavilion @ 1pm today, of which i had planned to meet up with me darling SIL-Sue for lunch while me hubby goes about doing his thing. unfortunately the appointment had to be rescheduled & re venued...

& now i'm dying to pee...

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