Sunday, August 16, 2009

noodle magic!

took ma to Tesco Shah Alam yesterday. after we've done with the shopping, ...too lazy to cook, we bought some food for lunch at the food court....
& this is what we saw...the still picture version

they are Muslim Chinese originally from china. they operate a food stall specializing in noodles... the noodle maker is a young chap who could speak fluent Malay with a cute Mandarin twang....after we were so mesmerized with the display of noodle making skill, we decided to give it a try, so we ordered a take away noodle... they have about 8-10 different noodles menu & each cost only @RM5 per bowl....
upon request, he happily let me take pictures and video record him...


unfortunately due to my over excitement seeing what i saw, i forgot to take pictures of their menu let alone their business name!!! anyway if anyone of u is in the Shah Alam vicinity & would love to try some of those delicious homemade give Tesco Shah Alam's food court a visit, (please take note: not Tesco Extra, ok)
oh & the noodle soup of which the name i do not remember...was simply yummylicious!!!!

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