Monday, November 16, 2009

scumbag scam...


experienced this scam first hand together with my workmate Mayam. this video i received thru email brings back unpleasant memory back in 2003~ 09/06/2003 to be i remember? i still have a copy of a drawing that we did for police report, that's how! :pthis team of 2 or 3 do not look anything like salesmen but they are professional scammers!!! they're really good at distracting ur attention. it was during payday when they came to our office, trying to sell some children's books or something. one distraction leads to another, only when they're gone that we noticed an amount of money's gone including Mayam's hand phone. by the time we managed to pull ourselves together & tried to go after them, it's already too late....
so BEWARE !!!

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