Wednesday, November 25, 2009


finally got to go watch the much talk about film. i can't really comment cos i didn't get to watch from the beginning since the popcorn queue (had to have them since it's a 2 hrs, 38 mins movie) was unbelievably long, i missed the first couple of scenes which somehow spoiled the mood & that didn't help with having to sit next to a group of noisy annoying young teenage girls that kept on squeaking, screaming, commentating as well as laughing between scenes through out the movie.

the visual effects were exceptionally good almost believable.
although understandably being a Hollywood film, of course most of the main characters survived the most tremendous of disaster one after another, Amazing! ;P

i'm not sure what to make out of the film though, it could probably b'cos of the popcorn or was so annoyingly distracted by the girls next door or maybe, simply maybe i believe that what's going to happen is going to happen, whether life goes on or not beyond 2012, only 4JJI knows. to repent or not to repent that is the question, only we & ourselves to decide....

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