Friday, November 20, 2009

Alarm Clock temporarily off!

yep, end of year school holiday is finally here & i'm giving some time off to all the alarm reminder until next year~ 4th of Jan 2010.

for the time being, NO MORE;
5.28am reminder- that's for my 2 mins snooze before the,
5.30am reminder- time to wakey-wakey,
5.50am reminder- to make sure that i'm up & preparing Laith's pack meal,
6.20am reminder- to wake Laith up,
6.30am to make sure that's he is actually up- No More 2- 5minutes snoozes for him & getting ready for school.

~done with morning reminder~

12pm reminder- is specifically for Sam my nephew- to make sure that jomey gets his butt up to go & fetch him from kindy & if jomey's not around or as usual forgotten about his routine, i'll take care of it.

* this particular one is practically OFF for good, he's going to primary school next year, so will be coming back like the other 2 as below.

130pm reminder- that's for picking up the older boys- Laith & Mike from school @145pm.

NO MORE annoying alarm clock sound for this whole 1 half month to bug me in the morning, Yee HA!

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