Monday, November 16, 2009

KO Specialist Medical Center!?

KO as in KnockOut!?

didn't manage a good snap on the way to Shah Alam~( English version).

perfect shot on the way back from Shah Alam~( Malay version).

saw this billboard at the federal highway near Subang Parade yesterday going to my parents house in Shah Alam. i thought, how i wouldn't go to that medical center for whatever reason whatsoever (crossing my fingers while touching some woods) , simply because of it's KO name!!!

according to their facebook account discription;~it is The largest aesthetic centre in Malaysia which provide a one-stop medical aesthetic services including skin treatments, lasers, cosmetic surgeries, reconstruction, face and body contouring, slimming, cosmetic dentistry as well as orthopaedic.

OK, so KO is actually the name of the specialist or the founder of the MC, sorry ahh Dr. KO, still i think the name scares people off! just my 2 cents.

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