Thursday, November 19, 2009

piss off!

some ' junior' people (not necessarily plural) just have some cheeks to think that they could plain sailing into certain things/ situation without having to suffer like us the pioneer had to suffer!! i wish i could name names but i couldn't so i won't.
if they think i would share what i had to endure, what i had to suffer in silent, no one to share with or anyone who'd understand what i had to go thru for the last decade with them so that they could wash their feet, come in & be ushered into the circle without having to dirty their hands, think again!!!! what so special about them that they think they can by pass all those dungs!?

it's a nice cool day today but i'm burning hot just boiling inside ready to bite some heads off~ Piss off u Cow!!!!

p/s: who ever came up with that crappiest crap of the shitiest idea of an induction can shove it all back into ur aRSe backside, cos that's how it looks like & that's where it belongs!

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