Thursday, February 11, 2010

Wow, Hebat!!!

Wow, Hebat! is the only expression i could use to describe my feeling right now. according to google definition of this exclamation word- Wow means; impress greatly at the situation or as in belly laugh; to a joke that seems extremely funny.

it's an expression that i often use in almost all situation, be it when i'm impressed, amazed, funny (as in all of these~funny haha, amused, curious or  something fishy is going on )  or even when i'm disgusted. it can be for any type of the situation above or all in one package & usually  it sounds like this: 'Wow' followed by the malay word "hebat!!!', as for this word 'hebat', according to webster online dictionary it means; great, grand or tremendous.
but my definition of the word hebat combine with Wow simply means, Ultra or Super.
this favourite exclamation of mine can also be expressed sarcastically.

so yeah~ "Wow, Hebat (with a capital H)!!!!" (in sarcastic manner) is exactly how i feel. i shall not elaborate  or bother (exactly)to discuss why i'm feeling the way i am now cos i just can't be bothered!!! nuff said.

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