Friday, April 16, 2010

no news is good news....but two news in a row??

after waiting for a longggggggg time.....yesterday 15th April 2010, i received a phone call from someone telling me about some good news...well partially good at least, since it's still not confirmed. what's the good news?'s still far down the road...but well, probably it's enough to say at this point.... there are still light at the end of the alleyway..or is it tunnel? arghhhh well...what i meant to say is...there is still hope somehow if u believe enough.
a lil later, mehubby received a rather similar partially good news from almost the same source but thru a different channel...WOW!!! isn't that most peculiar i wonder...although nothing is confirmed at this very moment, & not putting our hopes too high..we are excited at the prospect of what is coming.
whatever it is we can only wish, hope & pray...only GOD knows whats BEST.

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