Friday, April 30, 2010

Angry & Angrier Whopper Burger @Burger King

always a sucker to Burger King's Promotions...we decided to try their latest market experiment promo:
the new Burger King "Angry Whopper" with fiery sauce and "Angrier Whopper" with fiery sauce and chillies.

well the verdict... we were disappointed & became the 'Angriest' diners...;P
it's just basically whopper with additional slices of chilies...i 'm not even sure if could taste the fiery sauce (me hubby tried the Angry whopper & i tried the Angrier Whopper...) it was simply not fiery at all...i don't normally eat those chili slices if i could pick them out but seriously even with a layer or them i just don't think it's hot at all let alone fiery!  mehubby could not finish off his because it was laden with too much mayonnaise, which is definitely a turn off for him!!!
& nope, not gonna give a second try, that's for sure.

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