Sunday, April 11, 2010

Book xcess: New Look

since i've been busy with SunnyStar this last couple of months, have not had time to visit my fav book store: Book xcess for quite awhile. last week after we had the family sunday lunch at Kerry island, mehubby n i went there for just a lil browse... how we were almost disappointed seeing the shop was closed upon reaching the floor as it used to be right in front of the escalator. But as we turned to our right we were greeted by this familiar sign yet not at it's usual spot! the shop has indeed moved to a bigger shop lot & the books....!!! ahhhh...the books...& the price remains...get this...whatever price that u have to pay at the major book store per unit, u could get at least 2 here!! & the hard cover books are just so, so cheap.....
Book Xcess: u'll always be my fav bookstore, thank u.

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