Sunday, June 13, 2010

are u Malay or Indian girl?

masa gi hantar Tok Lat pegi physio therapy aritu at Hospital Kajang, after i finally managed to find a parking space i bumped into this one security guard. He casually greeted me "Hi, Good Morning...." sebagai orang Meysia yang berbudi bahasa tak leh dijual beli i greeted him back.  he then asked " are u Malay or Indian girl?" i simply replied "Malay." he then said "U look mix ah"...hahahahaha.... between Malay & Indian suddenly i look mixed or he must have thought i'm Chindian for some reason...but i thought...who cares "i'm 1Malaysian!".:D


  1. i always get that remark! i wonder why on earth people care to ask -lah.. mcmla ade ape2 effect pon!


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