Thursday, August 5, 2010

please buckle up!

my fb news feed has been flooding with people posting videos about pontianak today. somehow i found myself watching those videos & while browsing through utube list, 1 found this one.

ha kan dah kene!!!!

& that reminds me of this...

lucky it was a minor mishap. still, it hurts me to look at the scar. we've been very particular about buckling up every time he's in the car with us & even remind him to do the same if he was to follow other people. unfortunately, a kid being a kid when he's in someone else's car, he simply takes it for granted especially when those people just don't take buckling up seriously themselves! now, i remember why i have been very hmm...selfish not to let him follow people go jalan-jalan. nasib baiklah his a boy, girl kalu, habis saham jatuh berjonkong-jonkong emas mahunye...*sigh*

so people, here's a friendly slap on the butt~ please buckle up when driving & make sure that others especially the kids (front & back) buckle up too!

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