Tuesday, August 3, 2010

private joke.

ok, this is totally a private joke that i wanna make public but still remains private somehow~ i mean only few people know what it is all about which makes it funnier....xD. wish i could explain but i can't(cos if u have to explain a joke it won't be funny anymore), so i won't. just go figure.

hehehehe...how did that person come out with this one?~ "No 'Paint', No Gain". in malay, it literally means..tak dak cat ta bleh dapat...ta bleh dapat ape???

right, b4 i make another 'Cat'ful comment i'd better sign off...
ta~ have a great mid week people!

hey don't shoot me, it's just so 'Cat'ful lah!;P
hahaha..sorry just can't help it. ta!

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