Tuesday, September 21, 2010

our anniversary treat @ Sushi King

 laith' s fb anniversary wish...;D

it was kinda funny when Laith told us that he wanted to treat us to a meal for our wedding anniversary using his duit raya...since we've already made an arrangement to have dinner for two that Sunday we tried telling him not to bother & should save his duit raya instead but he insisted until at one point he merajuk'ed' & refused to talk to us...hehhee..
i guess now he is at the age when he understood what anniversary is (thanks to the amount of programs on disney channel that he watches on TV) & thinks that a child should treat his parents on that special day...ahhhh... so sweet...:D

finally, we all agreed  to have family lunch at Sushi King ( simply because he loves sushi ;P) Metro Point , Kajang.
~oh but on a constant reminder not to eat over his budget! hahaha... ~he kept tabs at how much we've eaten & at one point asked for a pen & paper to calculate!!! xD


even though we were on ration, thank u baby!!! *Mwahs* u've made our day....
* oh he has already started planning on where to treat us for our next anniversary!* bless ur good heart my child...

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  1. no sushi bar here yet so far..and not even Burger King...


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