Monday, January 24, 2011

Music Monday- Morning Has Broken

love, love love this song...if song can be describe as beautiful this is the one song that i would label as one.
morning is definitely the best time of the day...whenever i managed to get up that early that is...;P

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  1. Oh, I could never forget this song. When I was a child, my parents played this song in our stereo EVERY MORNING. Well, as the title says, morning has broken.
    Happy MM!

  2. hahaha...kind of a wake up call for u hey!!
    Happy MM to u too C.A.T

  3. Brilliant love it brings back fond memories :-)

  4. Yup definitely a classic from Cat Stevens a.k.a Yusof Islam.

    Happy MM Aida!

  5. weeeh i love this song... so country haha
    but honestly... i really really love it
    thanks for sharing
    Happy MM

  6. awww..I soo love this song!!Makes my day a happy one^_^

    Thanks for dropping by!

  7. Thank u Bethere2day, Namz, Bluedreamer27 & Clarissa for to spare ur precious time dropping by at this page & thank u for loving the song that i pick too! Happy MM guys!

  8. I could have sworn I commented on your blog here Sunny..

    Anyway.. welcome to MM and I hope you make lots of new friends by joining...

    I remember singing this song in our school choir as a warm up song.. ah those were the days...hehhe

    Happy MM and thanks for playing this week!

  9. hehehe...probably in ur sleep Lady J...:D
    & thank u for dropping by this humble blog, yeah i did make quite a few friends actually.

    yeah the song is kinda nostalgic isn't it. & i w sure will join in the MM fun whenever possible. thank u for the brilliant idea.
    c u again on MM next week! :D

  10. oh, my god! i love this song. been singing this on my mind...

  11. yep the kind of song that would stick on ur mind doesnt it...
    thanks Elvira, have a great weekend!:D

  12. It has been a long...long time since I last heard this. Great choice and song...


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