Thursday, March 10, 2011

just One..

some people get...
whatever they want
whatever they dream of
whatever they wish n
whatever they hope for
but they still forget to say " Thank U Lord for the blessings..
for everything that i got, i wanted, i wished & i dreamed of..
Thank U for granting me not one, but two/ three or four...."

some people pray night n day
they even hate themselves for sometime ever thinking: is it worth it?
sometimes they've given up hope
thinking that the Lord is not listening to them
not to hear them...
not care about them...

cos all they're asking for is not too many, not 2. 3 or four...
for the very thing that they've longed for..
they've prayed very hard for..
they've worked very hard for..
BUT just ONE!
is that still too much to ask?

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