Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Euro2012 Opening Night Viewing Party @ Sri Pentas TV3

Last friday nite~  8th June 2012, SunnyStar(yeah, i know...this post is suppose to be on that page...but too lazy to logout and login :P ) were invited  by TV3 for the Opening Night Viewing Party  to paint flags on the faces again...

  these are some of the pictures that we managed to capture on that night.

On a totally unrelated to either face painting or football topic...
These 2 brothers~Netherlands and Italy supporters were just too cute for me not to mention here ...the little one whom supports the Italian team somehow when asked, claims that his name is  Mohammad 'Justin Bieber'. (though unrelated to football). *Note: (Mohammad is a common Muslim's boy's name in Malaysia)
Uuuuu...Justin Bieber's diehard fan!!! :P
the mom on the other hand was rolling her eyes when i turned to looked at her..hahaha... xD

when I bid farewell to him and said:  Bye, Justin! 
without a second thought he just turned and said : Bye!

kids these days...:D

as for me all i can say for this round of EuroCup: " Go Goal E.N.G.L.A.N.D!!!!" :D

have a fine time watching the Euro people!

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