Friday, June 15, 2012

I believe i can...swing in the sky..

Found this pictures during my Penang post and thought i've never did publish these pictures anywhere... nope not even on Facebook... so thought i'd post it here just for fun...:)

these were taken at Manukan Island during our trip to Sabah ...hmmm when was this...Erkkk...way back in.....2009!!!...OhEMGee..that long ago!?

ok, enough with the disbelieving wide are the photos of i believe i can't fly but i did swing in the sky Yo! :)

hahaha...look at that awkward legs positions!

have a Great Grand Friday and Awsome Weekend All!

i know i will...:)


  1. Well, the pics caught my attention..can't stopped by to view..nice collection..

  2. than u Bro, u're too kind n thanks for stopping by..:)


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