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Saturday, April 25, 2009

a pair of perfectly matching socks...is it too much to ask!?

when i was young & at school, it used to be ma's problem, never mine. when i was studying in UK, i wore tights, never a problem because they're invented in such away that both socks & leggings become one. so nope, i didn't have a problem then...

problem started when i got married... yeah that is when my quest for a pair of perfectly matching socks started & It's a daily quest with hubby's pair of socks!

my hubby wears a fresh pair of socks every morning, but every night when he comes home from work, how much i knew he dumps the pair of those socks in the clothes hamper, they managed to disappear after i did the laundry...
the most unbelievable part is.. if i were to wash 2 pairs of socks at once, once dried, only one un matching pair will turn up! how frustrating could that be?

now that Laith has started school... it's a double nightmare for me. what's worst is that every after school he goes back to my PIL's house together with my nephew mike. so the socks either got mixed up with mike's or simply gone missing during transits! :(

& this problem applies to all types of socks too... be it for office type, casual type , school type or even the sport's type... what irritates me so much is that...how in the world could a pair of similar looking socks emerge from the laundry pile with different partners`meaning: different colour dots or lines!

anyhow, i gradually found solutions to both my hubby's & Laith's pairs of un-matching socks shenanigans. during laundry time, i will pair each perfect matched pair with safety pins or whenever i go out shopping for new pairs of socks for them i simply buy the exact same designs & colors! that way if the partner of one pair gone awol i just match them with the other...hahaha...


Wednesday, April 22, 2009

parents in denial...

this is the sequels to my post about doodles, scribbles & the like...
i thought after seeing Lau Shi regarding the matter it was basically the end of story. tapi ropenye tidak!!!

it so happened that on the following day, Laith called me up from school (using the school's public phone) to say that he's having tummy ache. since i have always been not into all this sakit trick, told him to stay on until the end of last period. about half an hour later i received another phone call from Lau Shi asking me to come and collect him from school sebab he was in such pain. so i did lah sebab Lau Shi dah call kan so percayalah.

after gathering all his stuff. Lau Shi informed me that Foo Jia Le's parents came to see her that morning expressing their tak puas hati because Lau shi did not believe their son's side of story!
eh...that is outrageous!

they were very disappointed with Lau Shi because she did not defend him & took his side! ade ke plak macam tu!? to them, their son could do no wrong...duh..hallo!? Lau Shi explained to them that she could not take sides cos she could not be certain who’s the one who is not telling the truth to which i agreed. Seriously these parents.…come on, be realistic, who wants to take blames for heaven sake~ even adults would not stand up for their mistakes…coming from a child… yeah right!

I am not a “teacher- seeing- parent” kind of person. whenever Laith comes back from school & tells me that he was caned or punished at school, I will take it that he must have done something wrong- to me teachers will not simply punish for no reasons whatsoever- well most of the time when I ask him why he’s been punished, the answer has always been – he did not do his homework, he talks during lesson or he disobeys orders. Well I think it’s fair enough that he’s punished. That’s what u call discipline at school or discipline in general.

During my school days, my parents were not those “teacher seeing parents “ themselves. My brothers & I had learned some painful lessons on that matter. If & when we were to come back from school & report to them that we were punished @ school for any reasons whatsoever, we’ll just have to face the consequences of that complaint from them- another punishment, for being punished at school!…hahaha… so once beaten twice shy…next time kene rotan lagi dengan cikgu, sumpah tak mo report kat ma & baba dah!!!

Back to Laith’s predicament, Lau Shi asked me if it was just a trick sebab takut punya pasal that Foo Jia Le’s parents came by that morning. Well I was not sure of that myself but when I took him to the clinic soon after, it was confirmed that he’s suffering from gastritis. Kesian anaku… 

Anyway, in all fairness I told Lau Shi that (like Foo Jia Le) Laith too is an only child, but I do not believe in pampering him too much, cause that will only spoil him rotten in the future. I believe that you are what your children will be… if parents keep covering up for the children, memang masak lemaklah diornag ni! To me if Laith’s done something wrong, he’s done wrong,. & punishments will make him learn his lessons.

to sum it all up...
a child is like a piece of blank canvas, it’s up to the parents to put colours on it….

Friday, April 17, 2009

doodle, scribble & the like...

Yesterday Laith came back with a blue ink doodled on his white school uniform shirt sleeve. A couple of days before that there was some black marker pen ink blob of spot at the back of the same school shirt. & just about a week ago it was some kind of smeared ink mark again at the back of another shirt. When asked what happened he said a classmate named Foo Jia Le did it.

The first time it happened I could tolerate it though the scrubbing of the ink mark wasn’t that very easy. The second time, I had to soak the shirt with stain remover for about a day, yet the stain refused to come off. I asked Laith to tell his classmate if he was to do it again I’m gonna come & see him & make his mummy wash the shirt for me. & yesterday when he came back with the doodle I almost lost my head!!!

Well to be fair I did ask Laith if he had actually provoke or done anything to Foo Jia Le that had made him do such trouble….err well of course the answer was “NO, Umy I did no such thing”.
When I asked why he did not tell his teacher when it happened, he said it was between classes while waiting for the next class to begin & the next teacher to come in.
Well I guess once bitten twice shy…the third time it happened again I said I’m just so gonna see his class teacher about the matter.

So this morning after a round of golf with hubby & PIL just to calm myself down, I went to Laith’s school during his 2nd break. At first I thought I was gonna go to the boy & grab him around his collar & hang him on the wall, but of course I was not that out of my mind yet. So I went to his class teacher’s office & oh how should I put this…very proud of myself actually… this is how it went; oh before that, since the teacher's office is just next to the classroom, I asked Laith to inform Foo Jia Le that I have indeed come to settle the matter once & for all. Haha needless to say Laith proudly announced my arrival to the boy, Oh the one wicked look that I gave him was murderous, I’m telling u! & I walked away to the teacher’s office right after that…...E.V.I.L!!!;P

Anyway this is how it went;
(upon entering the office)
Me: hi Lau Shi ( that is teacher in mandarin~ my son goes to Chinese medium school), sorry to interrupt (she was marking some exercise books).

Lau Shi: oh Hi, Adam’s Mummy (@ school` Laith is Adam) how can I help u?

Me: (I went straight to the point so not to waste anyone’s time) oh just to ask a big favour of u, if u could talk to Foo Jia Le not to do this to Adam’s shirt anymore (I took out the evidence- i showed her Laith’s shirt that he wore yesterday)

Lau Shi: (was shocked to see the shirt & said) Foo Jia Le! (she looked at Laith & asked the same question as I did) have u done anything or provoke him in any way?
Laith: (of course the answer was again ) No, Lau Shi I did no such thing to him.(in mandarin)

Lau Shi: Aiya this boy, I’ve just spoken to his father just last Monday… (& asked Laith to go find the boy)

Me: sorry Lau Shi: I’m not trying to make a scene, just telling u this so that he won’t do it again…it’s a hell of a trouble to do the scrubbing on the ink mark that's all…

Lau Shi: no, no it’s ok..u should tell me..it;s only fair that I know what happened too, & Adam should have told me yesterday.. ( she went on & said Foo Jia Le is a son of a church minister but he simply doesn’t behave the way he should be, accordingly there have been quite a lot of other complains about him too)

As we walked back to the classroom, we found him (Foo Jia Le) standing against the handrail near the staircase, head down with both hands covering his face crying…. Hahaha…(sorry…that is so evil of me..but serves him right!)

When asked to put his head up he refused to do so & claimed that he did not do it & accused Laith for lying… yeah right, why did he cry if he didn’t do it then!?

well..the only reason i went to see the teacher was simply to ask him to stop ruining or marking my son's shirt. i'm not trying to stop them from playing whatsoever..knowing that they are only children & boys will be boys...if they are not boisterous what are they!? All i'm asking is just~ stop making a paper out of my son's shirt pleaseeeeeeeee!!!!


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