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Friday, October 30, 2009

le freak accident!

bumped into this gruesome accident couple of weeks back in front of my PIL's garage & can't helped be one of those nosy spectators & took pictures.

my best guess is, the car belongs to Sam~ my car crazy nephew!! he must have been playing with the toy car somewhere around the vicinity & when distracted by something or someone, he left the car on the ground & forgot all about it. inevitably it was crushed by one or more unsuspecting 'motorists' passing by to park at the garage..... hmmm...what did i say about keeping all ur toys back where they belong once u've finished playing with 'em huh!?

Thursday, October 29, 2009

do i look familiar now???

this video brings back memory...
long time ago when i went to perform umrah with ma & baba during passport stamping at the airport, the officer kept staring at my picture & me in person again & again. baba finally could not hold it anymore & ask what was wrong. The officer said the picture in the passport did not look like me in person....stupid moron~of course i looked different in person cos i was then wearing a hijab in person & the the picture on my passport had me with the 80's hair styles complete with fringe & sideburns yo!!!!;P
but when baba asked if he'd wanted us to remove the hijab off my head, he quickly said no & stamped the passport & let us go! ;P

back to routine...

been nearly 3 months of abstaining myself from golf due to some medical reason, i'm back on the fairway officially this morning-Yeay!!!!
of course i played badly the first few holes but started to pick up soon after... almost thought i'd need a calculator for totaling up the score but quite surprisingly i didn't need it after all....;P
so it was good to be back & enjoy the morning air with mehubby all over again....nice!!!.....still happily smiling away now.......;)

Monday, October 26, 2009

Paintball weekend @ Tasik Idaman, Bangi

sunday last, we went paintaballing at Tasik Idaman in Bangi. it's a new little place owned by one of our paintballer friend, Patrick.
during one of the games, since they did not have enough marshalls, mehubby asked me if i'd be the time keeper.
& the result to my yes; a facelift to my left hand!;P

how it looked after the game..
(picture by: Rudy BigMac)

the day after look

now i know how my hands should have looked had they been chubbier compared to my scrawny vein protruding looking hand like the pic below! euwwww.....

how it happend;~
i was stationed at this abandoned house which supposedly named the 'safe house'~ situated in the middle of the battle field where either one of the opposing teams can take claime to the house & proclaimed victory, & i will be the one to comfirm it. only problem was, not everyone knows that i, the time keeper was placed there. so when the game started those who were not aware that i wasn't one of the player started to ramping fire at me from all corners of the world!
one hit my mask & some paint managed to make way through the little air holes into my mouth...it taste.....Yucks! & in order to take cover when more & more palletes came in my way, my head, neck & shoulders, i lifted my hand to cover my masked face hence the result was my left hand! the firing finally stopped when one of our friend realized what happened & escorted me out & i was given some TLC by sue Di & Syafa. thanks dolls!

next time no more marshalling, either i take pictures or i'll be shooting at people too!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Deepa Rayear closedopen house...

my 4th brother Pa Uda texted me about 3 weeks ago saying that they'd like to come & beraya @my house on the Deepawali Saturday which was also the last weekend of rayear(17/9) if & only if we didn't have anything on or going anywhere that weekend, he said.

even though i was still not feeling well, i was just so excited about people coming to visit~ so began my frantic mode of spring cleaning the house to make it look more welcoming....that's because we hardly have visitors over since we've moved out from Shah Alam to Semenyih about 3 rayears ago...people always have the feeling that Semenyih is one God forsaken far-far away land that they'd might somehow get lost getting here or eaten alive by some ghoul or something!!!;P

& that saturday alone, almost every few other houses around that housing area were having their open houses including the one next door to ours, only different was our's was a closed private one!;P

menu of the day was as simple as Chicken Rice Sunnystyle & last minute Pasta Bolognese, barley
drink (suppose to be lemon/ lime barley drink but i forgot to cut the lemon & lime...), honey dew for starter, jelly longan for dessert & hazelnut coffee.

Chicken Rice Sunnystyle

sunnystyle ayam belacan

the salad for the chicken rice..

during coffee...

after coffee was paintball sharing session..

utad, my indonesian yamani arab friend who's been like another brother to us

Amalia, utad's wife-my darling pet sis & 'ailya their youngest daughter

& the kids, apart from they managed to unearth all the things that i tried to hide away...

they seemed to enjoy each other's company too.

it was a humble get together & tiring for me definitely but it was fun nonetheless....

Saturday, October 17, 2009

life...like a box of chocolate....

ever felt like when something bad happened & not according to ur plan.... that although time & time again u keep reminding urself that it's fated to be this way or that way or whichever way that it decided to come out to be & that even though u cry & cry & somehow managed to cry tears of blood, the outcome still remains the same & finally u resolved to blame something or someone for why the result did not turned out the way it should be or how u wanted it to be.....

i did & still sulking over what happened. i will not reveal what i was hoping to achieve, the unexpected results or whom i've chosen to be the scapegoat here cos it might be case sensitive to myself & to a related some but i just feel the need to express it out, to let it out so that it stops bugging my hormone- loaded system once & for all.

if only ('they'- not necessarily plural)'ll listen to my cry for help during the time i needed the most and not after 'nasi sudah menjadi bubur", i doubt the result' be negative. thank u for ur support, i wonder how u sleep at night knowing what u've done to me resulted in my greatest lost!

mehubby keeps telling me it's blessing in disguise, that something good will come out of it but at the moment all i can think of is: what goes up must come down & what goes around comes around.... ( to whom it may concern: U'll C!)

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Twilight the movie vs Twilight the novel...

i watched Twilight the movie by accident with my son Laith ( the ticket for the movie( i don't remember what now) that i was to take him watch was sold out) so we opted to watch Twilight instead. didn't regret the choice at all...& luckily it was rated PG13 for Laith to be able to watch.
of course at first i thought it was about those blood curdling gory type of movie that i don't usual enjoy watching, but surprisingly turn out to be a forbidden romance of two worlds type...i like!!!
somehow the sexy vampire characters in Twilight are more or less similar but a modern version to the Interview with the Vampire movie only of different genre of course. but sexy all the same!!!

ok now the vs part...
i've just finished reading the novel that i bought from the book fair...

surprisingly (unlike all my movies vs the books experieces), the film- the dialogs, the plots though skipped, enhanced, exaggerated or changed a lil here & there...was like watching a summary of the novel. only Bella Swan sounds more adorable in the book then the little annoying Bella Swan in the movie. Edward Cullen...need i say more...the character in the movie fits the novel character perfectly... biased i know... but oh well deal with it! ;p

i have now started on the next series~New Moon, now it makes me curious what's the film would be like...

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Pearson & Penguin's Book fair..

Wow i'm so outdated!!!
been feeling awfully sickly lately.....

been awhile now i know since i last updated this lil space of mine but i simply do not have the strength or the will power to update...

ok just a lil what's been going on since my last post;

-> after my doctor's appointment, went to this brilliant Penguin's & Pearson's book fair with mehubby couple of weeks back( it's their 1st day) . Ahhhhhhhh heaven!!!
just look at those books!!

the Twilight series (unfortunately they only had Twilight & New Moon) which would normally cost about RM36/- only costs me RM10/- & for the squeals~New Moon (u/p RM46), i got it for only RM15/-!!! is that bargain or is that bargain!!??

the dictionary of quotations - onlyRM20/- yeay!!!

mehubby's choices of books are mostly about wars & the like...

the selections of books that we bought...

for those who love the little black dress ( the modern days mills & boon) series...what can i say...only RM10/- each!!

children's books islands

& one of mehubby's 'bestest' bargain book of the day...is that of Star Wars Voult which normally priced at about RM380/- costs him RM80/- only!!!

wish i had more strenght to go thru each and every baskets & boxes isles that they have but it was just too much for me to handle...so we left, but not without almost RM400 worth of books between us!!!

it's a definite heaven for book lover!!


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