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Thursday, February 25, 2010

between a dog & people....

after my silence is golden theraphy, finally i manged to find my words back...Yay!!!

figure that i like to share some interesting facts that i came across while surfing the net about dogs...in total silence.
point to note: i'm not suppose to like dogs, but secretly... deep down inside i do(my sincere apology to those who are offended by this statement).... i've always wish i could have one but i don't suppose that is possible... so, the closest that i could get to a dog (since i cannot own one) is when i play the virtual interactive game Dog World on Facebook or i got myself a dog golf driver headcover as seen in pics below;

this is Lucky the Pup.

anyway...these are the doggy dozens  (borrowed facts from the author : why i like dogs More than people) why i think dogs make great companion than some people....
  1. Dogs “love” unconditionally.
  2. They’re always happy to see you.
  3. They sense that you like them and like you back right away, so making “friends” with a dog is almost never a long ordeal.
  4. They don’t carry grudges.
  5. They are always “there” for you when you’re having a bad day.
  6. If you know how to behave as an owner, they are easily trainable and maintain great dispositions forever.
  7. They are content to just hang out with you for hours at a time without bugging you about anything other than food, water and nature calls.
  8. They don’t over-analyze anything.
  9. They don’t nag you or whine incessantly about a bad day at the office.
  10. They make you smile when you normally wouldn’t.
  11. They are consistent.
  12. They watch your house, and your back.
most importantly, thru the stories / & articles that i heard & read...(sadly can't experience it first hand) they are most Loyal & Grateful creatures!!!

SLR signing off.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Silence is Golden

if the proverb is true, i would have been a 'God'zillianaire' by now!!!

words choices failed me these days...
remembering what memama  used to say..."if u have nothing nice to say, say nothing at all, girl!".
hence the reason why i've not been updating this blog.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

happy prosperous cheongsam

been meaning to buy Cheongsam for a long-long...... time but never did manage to get one...well mostly because of the price wasn't right...for me that is;P
anyway..last Chinese New Year while going for a window shopping with Sue, we bumped into these....& we got one each.
so there...mission accomplished!
ala sexy ke? sikit2 takpelah kan...anyway mehubby likes it....;P

happy me blogging off.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Wow, Hebat!!!

Wow, Hebat! is the only expression i could use to describe my feeling right now. according to google definition of this exclamation word- Wow means; impress greatly at the situation or as in belly laugh; to a joke that seems extremely funny.

it's an expression that i often use in almost all situation, be it when i'm impressed, amazed, funny (as in all of these~funny haha, amused, curious or  something fishy is going on )  or even when i'm disgusted. it can be for any type of the situation above or all in one package & usually  it sounds like this: 'Wow' followed by the malay word "hebat!!!', as for this word 'hebat', according to webster online dictionary it means; great, grand or tremendous.
but my definition of the word hebat combine with Wow simply means, Ultra or Super.
this favourite exclamation of mine can also be expressed sarcastically.

so yeah~ "Wow, Hebat (with a capital H)!!!!" (in sarcastic manner) is exactly how i feel. i shall not elaborate  or bother (exactly)to discuss why i'm feeling the way i am now cos i just can't be bothered!!! nuff said.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Life without limb.

to those who think their life suck to bits, that they are the poorest of the poor, the weakest of the lot, the most unfortunate person in the world, that their pain is unbearable, that God is working against them, STOP! think again....try live this man's life!!!!

Friday, February 5, 2010

my sirih junjung challenge.

Sirih (betel nut leaves) and accompaniments with flowers known as 'Sirih Junjung' is a must item for hantaran.so this was my challenge during my BIL's~ Jomey wedding recently. for the last 2 weddings; my Sil's~ Eyna & BIL's ~Kerry weddings, i was only asked to do & arranged  the hantaran but never been entrusted with Sirih Junjung before, my MIL always had someone else attended to it. but this time around she somehow insisted that i take charge of this most main item in the hantaran according to adat!
well......i'm pretty good @ handicrafts but sirih junjung!? Alamak!!!...quite frankly i don't even remember how mind looked like when i got married let alone who made the arrangement!

anyhow...i took the challenge, i thought it would be interesting actually..it's always good to learn something new..problem is...the Akad took place on Saturday in JB & we're here in Semenyih...so it's kinda impossible to use fresh flowers for the arrangement...
basically to avoid the sirih junjung looking like this after a long day event & a long journey home....
so we settled for  fake flowers but using fresh Sirih...
err... another problem is, for this wedding of her 2nd son, she was kinda anxious for some reasons...most probably because we had to travel all the way to JB with all the hantaran  i guess, insisted that i made the arrangement on the Thursday night..since she said we'll be leaving for JB on the next day( even though the Akad will only take place on Saturday)...being a good DIL i said "ok mak."
so the challenge began....

 errk...ignore that inter-framing lil Korean girl...;P
quite amazingly, i managed it with just one attempt.

Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!  the next (fri)day after a half day journey by car to JB.....:'(

so almost halfheartedly this time around~ after dinner, i sat down quietly surrounded by the rest of the wedding entourage while discussing the next day agenda, i  started my second attempt but only worked with the sirih, cos the flowers...they were good to me....;P
so to ensure that the leaves stayed fresh the next morning (Saturday) for the Akad, some suggested that i should put it in the fridge over night!!! 
could they be right? one may asks....

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO~part of the leaves wilted!!!! :'(
since the Akad was due at 10 am, i went on my touch up mode at 6am....in my Kebaya!!! & that was why i went bare faced that day........;P

these were part the hantaran that i made or helped arrange & beautify....
 the Holy Quran & the Sejadah 
the telekung that i turned into a huge white flower...but mehubby thought from afar it looked like headstones at the cemetery...;P
the mas kawin (dawry)~RM22.50, of which RM10.50 were in RM0.50t hat sue, bam-bam & syaniz helped wrapped in gold foil paper to make it look like gold coins & the balance of RM10x1 & RM1x2 notes were origami folded to look like heart shapes, 
the wang hantaran in the Album & 
the wedding ring all in one tray...

the fruits

shoes & clutch bag
& not forgetting the personalized custom made chocolates that my MIL managed to leave behind, only remembered all about it after the Nilai Toll & forced us to turn around to retrieve it all the way back home....

the sirih junjung that i arranged ....
& the  one from the bride's
phewwhhh....finally i managed to finished this entry.....;D

Monday, February 1, 2010

Big, Bigger, Biggest....

picking up mehubby & my BIL at the airport the other week, Eric, my lil nephew ...
went wild with excitement seeing this huge mother of lollipop at the airport candy shop. after a lot of coaxing & playing tug of war with him i managed to distract him away  from those gigantic lollies so that he will not be subjected to a hyperactivity disorder later on that day, at least... or so i thought...
but of course after all that effort, he was only to be presented by this huge mother of Smarties (the winnie the pooh series) a two year old could imagine having by mehubby the moment he stepped out from the arrival hall~ *sigh*!!!.:(

these are during his hyper mode ON!!!of course it's nice to see a happy smiling child, but a hyper gigling child is super hard to control! phewh.... thank GOD there's kak MIS!!;P

Royal Pudding Raja....

first time i set eyes on this pudding, i seriously thought it's an exotic aphrodisiac oyster of some kind. what's more, it's been served during my BIL's wedding as dessert...hmmmmm..;P

this one was made by kak Ji for the wedding.
but of course Mak Yan was quick to hear my comment & told me what it was...hehehe...
accordingly, Puding Raja ("Royal Pudding")~  is one of the Sultan of Pahang's favourite dessert hence it's name.

it is a traditional Pahang Malay dish prepared as appetizer !?...err did i hear that correctly? or dessert (more likely). a favorite by local folks taken with their evening tea, this colorful cuisine is also normally served during weddings and festivals.
anyway here's the recipe...no idea how to make the jala mas though but one can always go to Kelantan/ Trengganu  & Pahang to get those jala mas to complete the recipe...hehehe;P

5 – 10 pieces of (not too ripe) bananas (pisang lemak manis preferable)
pisang emas can also be used.
5 or more pieces of prunes
5 or more pieces of red cherries
5 or more pieces of green cherries
cashew nuts(optional)

Sauce (Gravy)
1 liter of milk
2 tablespoons of condensed milk
1 teaspoon cornflour /can also use custard powder
1 egg (beaten softly)
125 ml water

~ fry the bananas in cooking oil (just a short while in low heat) until they turn a little dark yellowish (not fried). then take them out and put aside on a plate. if available, spread the "jala mas" on top of the bananas.
~ the sauce or gravy ingredients are blended and mixed together and then boiled in a pot. Stir them well while cooking until the sauce becomes a little thick.

~ let the sauce or gravy cool before pouring them on the bananas and other fruits. ready to serve.

please note: this dessert is sweet, so do not over eat or u'll end up a diabetic!


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