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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Welcome to Cameron Hotland!!!

it's ages ago since i last visited Cameron Highland. it was pretty cold up there...then.. 
since the ozone layer is thinning, everyone has been moaning about how baking hot the weather has been & this past few months have been... well...overly too sunny to anyone's liking!!  the family decided to run up to the highland...to cool off....so we thought...
but the moment we got there we see the locals & visitors alike walking in sleeveless & shorts!
& whaddya know...up there the traffic is kinda unbelievable too....just when u think u could leave KL's traffic behind down the hill!
apartment dahlia where we stayed is located opposite of the Sultan Ahmad Shah golf club
Restoran Fern Nyoya serves the best Steamboat up there on the hill. well, not that i visited each & every steamboat serving restaurant when we were there...only this one is a lil bit different..cos the green they serve is just so heavenly  fresh!
when in Cameron Highland i tried eating & drinking anything that is strawberry base...so here's my yummy strawberry juice (not milkshake or iceblended but juice)!
somebody's lighted bouncy waiting for food too... i think
mehubby's attempt at being domesticated with the egg...hmmm...come to think of it, it's the first egg breaking after almost 11 years of marriage!! ;P
 & he's not too sure either...whether the shell is suppose to be in or out!!! jangan marah ye sayang...;P
the yummy fresh green & mushroom that i simply ate raw...
and the boat is finally ready...& sorry no more food pics beyond this point...too busy stuffing my face that is!
& the next morning, my PIL, mehubby & i together with lucky the pup went golfing just across the road from our apartment.
after golf, we went to Mardi the research centre..
for this....homemade strawberry ice cream with topping...
the flowers... for research i think..we were not allowed in beyond this point.
GIANT bell flower ...i think it's called;P
 too lazy too turn the pics...
rows of strawberry plants...during off season...
tea for research at Mardi
few of the nicest flowers around the rose garden (@ Mardi)
were looking for these tulips high & low around the Mardi garden area until we were so sure there wasn't any...then Chulin said it's somewhere near the research building that we passed by earlier on...well they were planted under some coconut tree & the plants & flowers were few & small...the flower bed is not much bigger than the size of a baby cot!
had a great yummy tandoori & nan dinner @ Restaurant Bunga Suria ( this probably the one & only reason  worth a revisit to Cameran Hotland) later in the evening...
before we headed for home...a visit to the strawberry farm is a must...  
look at those yummy green!
the ready to buy pack of strawberries...
& the ready to be eaten strawberry & cream

don't forget to buy some of those baby cactus...they're only likeRM10 for 6pots!

point to note: don't bother buying any of these succulent type...

they die easily...:(
just a nice cute little house that we spotted on the way down from the farm to the marketplace..
the trio of collies...the broccoli, the normal collie flower & the purple collie flower...
don't be fooled by it's pretty colour....i bought it because it's something rare..well at least i've never seen it before..
but try cook it, it tastes like ink & the colour turns ewwwwwwww!!!
the lovely purple Statice..
to Gunung Brinchang..for it's famous tea plantation..
the road is just too narrow...for anyone's liking!
the tea hills..
the journey up took us almost 45mins due to the traffic on that hell-bending narrow road!
breathtaking view from the top...
after some tea buying...we're done with the visit...
 thinking... when we ran up to the highland will chill us all up but guess it was just no difference from where we're from... hot weather & traffic!;P
if only ever we're coming back up to this hotland again, it'll probably just because of the nan & tandoori alone, nothing more...
and here's what happened to the strawberry that i bought immediately after we reached home wass to turn them into strawberry jam...they were getting bad since it's been kept too long in the car...
& so last weekend i made strawberry muffin out of it.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

mid May...already!!!???

eurghhh....why so fast!? i bloody well have lots of updating to do then!!!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

RIP SJM~to where U are...

today marked the 10th year anniversary of ur passing...u've been a great listener & a wonderful friend.

What we have once enjoyed we can never lose...All that we love deeply becomes a part of us.
~Hellen Keller~
Rest in peace dear friend!


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