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Thursday, September 23, 2010

11th anniversary dinner @ Restoran Windmill, Kajang.

the initial plan was to have our anniversary din-din at Victoria Secret Station (ampang / damansara) however since the day fell on sunday and that laith has school the next day, we didn't want him to miss his bedtime@ 9pm & mehubby wanted to watch MU vs Lilypool's football match on telly so, we opted for Restoran Windmill instead cos it's about 8-10 mins drive from home.

the view from outside..

the centerpiece..

the framed paper cutting...

 for some reason, the restaurant was practically empty...we could actually bergolek-golek from end to end...if we had wanted to...;P

 mehubby's starfruit juice & my health juice (cucumber, apple, guava & celery mixed juice)...err the celery taste is most outstanding though...;P

i asked for shrimp & mango coctail but i guess mango is out of season so i got shrimp & laichi coctail instead~sukati je!!!

mehubby's spare ribs was good but may be he should asked for the sauce with chili instead of without.

 my black pepper ostrich steak...it was good but it looked like beef, it tasted like beef...so i'm not sure if it's actually ostrich that they gave me..;P

so here are some of our gediks photos together while waiting for our food to arrive....

& here's the add & tel no;~
Restoran Windmill9-10, Jalan KP 1/2, Kajang Prima 43000, Selangor
Tel: 03 8739 9497/ 8808

 ~till next time~

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

our anniversary treat @ Sushi King

 laith' s fb anniversary wish...;D

it was kinda funny when Laith told us that he wanted to treat us to a meal for our wedding anniversary using his duit raya...since we've already made an arrangement to have dinner for two that Sunday we tried telling him not to bother & should save his duit raya instead but he insisted until at one point he merajuk'ed' & refused to talk to us...hehhee..
i guess now he is at the age when he understood what anniversary is (thanks to the amount of programs on disney channel that he watches on TV) & thinks that a child should treat his parents on that special day...ahhhh... so sweet...:D

finally, we all agreed  to have family lunch at Sushi King ( simply because he loves sushi ;P) Metro Point , Kajang.
~oh but on a constant reminder not to eat over his budget! hahaha... ~he kept tabs at how much we've eaten & at one point asked for a pen & paper to calculate!!! xD


even though we were on ration, thank u baby!!! *Mwahs* u've made our day....
* oh he has already started planning on where to treat us for our next anniversary!* bless ur good heart my child...

Sunday, September 19, 2010

a new begining to the 2nd decade.

how time flies... it's been a lil  over a decade now... this year, marks our first year to our 2nd  decade together... as u nicely put it..." bukan dah 11 tahun BUT baru 11 tahun..." insya'4JJI....
so here are my thank yous...

Thank u for accepting & tolerating my imperfections, my 'samdot'ness. thank u for being proud of me when expected, for ur honest critics when needed & sometimes unexpected, for correcting me when i made mistakes, for entrusting me with certain things that i never thought i'd be capable of, for believing in me,  for making me laugh when i'm down, for being there for me when i'm sad, for making a fool of urself to make me smile, for making fun of me when i acted silly...or just let it be & keep mum when u know i'll learn some of the embarassing moments in due time without  u telling, for laughing with me rather than at me (as u always claim),  for sharing ur dreams & fantasies with me, for being what i'm not .....
thank u, thank u, thank u..for being with me & for me anytime all the time.....

Happy 11th Anniversary Sayang,
Love U Always & Forever...amiin....

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Happy Malaysia Day!!!

hope the spirit of ' Malaysia Boleh!' is towards the Positive Bolehs NOT towards~ Bunuh Boleh, Buang Boleh...apape pon Boleh! 

thank u, see u again next year...

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

11th year, 12th rayears~the 1st in Shah Alam.

Rayear has never been the reason for my living. i'll celebrate it when the time comes & of course it's a nice way to end the month of Ramadhan but to me that's about all to it. hence when i was studying in UK, for 4 rayas i didn't suffer any raya blues whatsoever... no doubt i cooked some ketupat bantal, kuah kacang & rendang  & even sate from scratch for the day but that's just to introduce rayear culture & food to my local friends / housemates then.

when i got married, unlike the majority of married couples who would suddenly forgot about how much they love each other for the last 10 or 11 months of the last hundred of years that they've been together just because they cannot agree whose kampung they should be celebrating it at that year, that,to me( as in in whose turn of kampung this year or next) has never been the subject to argue about. since i'm kinda have an oldschool kinda thinking...to me once married, as a wife i should spend the 1st day with the in laws. it sounded unfair but i don't mind that  (not that i don't care, of cos i do) i only visit me parents the day before raya or in the afternoon of 1st day raya or even the 2nd day for that matter. cos to me, as long as i get to see them regularly is Alhamdulillah.& my parents understood...for that i count my blessing.

this year however, due to some changes in circumstances, mehubby suggested that we should celebrate it at my parents in shah alam.... wow syahdunye!!! beraya in bandaraya shah alam for the very first time!!!  come to think of it, truth be told~we don't know how much longer we have time left with my parents. they've been unceremoniously frail for the last couple of years, to celebrate this rayear with them would mean a lot to them.

so here's the pics to share...

 during takbir raya...

during the salam-salam...

 only part of family (my 2nd & 3rd went back to their in- laws) photo session

makan time...
 nasi lontong...

nasi bantal
the lemang...
lempir??? no idea what's it reaaly called, but it's some nasi jawa given by ma's cleaner who came to visit... 

2nd beraya session with me pak ngah's family...

with me nieces: adriana, arina, aqilah & atiqa

me cousin jenifah with her children; khalisah, amani, dina & eusoff

me 4th bro~pa uda, bonda, aqilah, 'alim & arina..

me extended family: fuad al aas, amalia, labibah, usamah, 'illiya & umair.

me cousin jeffry& saadiah & their children; iman, soleha, madhiah, asiah, maryam &maya with baba .& ma.

another one of part family photo...

& the pic of the house where baba grew up in & where we used to beraya at when me atuk & nenek were still around.

raya is still another raya to me but this raya was indeed different from the last 11...it's special cos i get to spend the day with mebaba, me ma & me sis arifa...i'm very grateful, thank u sayang, u've given me the best wedding anniversary present ever!!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Syawal 2010

designed by: FusionWerks sdn bhd for Ampang Park

To all family & friends (silent readers included): Selamat Hari Raya AidilFitri....
 if in any way through this blog i've misspelled /typo'ed' or  there are (loads of, no doubt) grammatical error, abundant usage of bad language thru stress writing in some  or may be most of my entries.... from the very bottom of my heart~Maaf Zahir Batin. 


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