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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

X trench wars xmas ops

how time flies in a blink of the eyes...It's another Xmas post to the one that i  thought i just posted not so long ago...

Merry Xmas to all those celebrating where ever u are...sure hope u had a great memorable one.:D

as for me, myself and moi, the day was spent shooting...pictures at tanamera paintball field which mehubby was playing.. initially, the event was suppose to be held at a different venue~ TourBunkers Paintballer in Puncak Alam (which was more to the reason why i followed since we've never been there before) however, due to some minor inconvenience, the event had to be moved to a different venue :(

here are some of the pics during the ops...

hope ur xmas weekend was as exciting as mine too!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

i can see my blog again!!!

Yippee, i can view my blog again just when i was so ready to kick someone, anyone's backside (for that matter) for refusing me viewing my own blog, since my domain name has expired!
this morning, i received an email from the owner of the site to help me fix the problem after i wrote to Blogger Help.

Please provide the following information to help us troubleshoot your issue:

1) Blog Address:http://sunnylovesrain.blogspot.com/
2) Browser(s): Mozilla Firefox
3) Geographical Location: Malaysia
4) Are you using the new Blogger interface: yes, but just after i was kicked out from viewing my own blog
5) Description of the problem: every time i try to view my blog, it will open just for a few seconds before i was directed to Sudocode.net with the message:

This domain name expired on Dec 15 2011 06:05PM
Click here to renew it.

and every time i clicked the link, i will be transferred to www.3ix.com

the problem is i was never being informed that my domain name will be expired in the first place.

what should i do? how can i restore my domain name?  do i have to create a new domain name? please help....


komski has posted an answer to the question "domain name expired?":
Hi SunnyLovesRain, I'm very sorry for this inconvenience. I was the owner of sudocode.net and to fix this issue, you should remove the Was Here widget on your site. There is nothing wrong with your domain.

phewwh... finally, after removing the 'Was Here' widget which was claimed to be the culprit, as simple as that, my problem solved *_________________* .

Thursday, December 22, 2011

blogger droid

Just trying this out for t first time.

Published with Blogger-droid v2.0.2

my Domain name expired!?

i can't open or view my blog site!!!! and every time i tried this stupid message came about!

This domain name expired on Dec 15 2011 06:05PM
Click here to renew it.

and every time i click here
it doesn't say a thing about renewing my domain name. weird thing is i am able to go to my dashboard
and even write a posting like this one WTF?

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Smurf gets in my eye

Now, how did her eye turn so scary red, u  must have wondered....well it's because of this little guy...

he thinks by getting into my eye, he could blend in and turns himself blue which would get himself a part in the next Smurf sequel movie.but....the problem is, my contact lenses aren't blue, it's only turquoise blue, better luck next time u actor wannabe! ;P  

Under the Sun in the Rain, inda Puddle...

give a child a ball and water be it in the rain, pool, or puddle, they'll know what to do... here are the pictures to proove it...;P

this is what the kid's been up to during this school holiday+ monsoon season...

hope this will become one of their favorite childhood memories...:D

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Post Basilisk~ Hutlista, Ulu Yam

Hello people!!!

it's December now, how time flies  

*singing mode ON

Fly me to the moon  
Let me play among the stars 
Let me see what spring is like On Jupiter and Mars 

....without me sadly...:(

hmm... where was i before i started singing or even before i started the post...
right...i was about to write about my weekend. so i followed mehubby to his paintball game (as always...) what's new..well not when i have things to do of course...;p
this place in Ulu Yam is unlike those other paintball field that we've frequent to, apart from the waterfall it is kinda smallish really (the field i meant), but perfect for those who have team building session in mind. accordingly the field doesn't really have a name, it's kinda belongs to this Hutlista Forest Retreat, so i guess that is what the field is known as.

this group of paintballers were mostly newbies and to be quite honest apart from mehubby & Laith & oh Pat (our new paintball acquaintance) i knew no one else there...but they were quietly n secretly excited when they found out that i was there to take some action pictures of them...hahaha....yeah right, as if...;p


although we were there for just one game, i manged to snap quite a few pictures just for the memory of the day...

this, this however is my only picture there...;?

have a great week people! :D


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