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Monday, January 23, 2012

Happy Dragon New Year!

Wishing all those celebrating friends Xin Nien Quai Le / Gong Xi Fa Chai / Happy Chinese New Year. May this year brings u health n wealth..try avoid too much of those McDonald's prosperity burgers if u can :-P

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Saturday, January 21, 2012

happy digit collecting day to me

YeeHa another year pass by to my journey around the sun.! Looks like there won't be enough space for candles on my birthday cake this year!!! happy birthday me!

Dayoung Mentari

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Friday, January 20, 2012

my phalaenopsis 2011-2012

sorry..pictures are all in side way angle..uploaded from the phone...and it's kinda blur too...
I haven't been looking after the plants in my little garden for so long... but this little beauty (commonly known as the moth orchid or scientifically known as the Phalaenopsis) managed to survive beautifully amongst the crowd of weeds and thru the most chaotic of weather...

It's amazing how God the Almighty takes the time to create and puts in such minute little details in everyting He created when he has the whole universe to look after...

dayoung mentari

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I have No Life!

when some one utterly says that "I have No Life!"
what does that suppose to mean?
that... they are not worthy of living?
that... they are a bore?
that... people around him bore them to death?
that... they are a waste of time to other people?
that... other people is a waste of time to them?

what would their loved ones think of such a statement?
wouldn't it sound hurtful?
that even being around them, this person still thinks that s/he has NO Life?
wouldn't it sound so embarrassing to their loved ones that, what the person literally imply is,"U make my life such a bore'? that ' i have to indulge in something to entertain myself'.

Do be careful when updating ur fb status or twitter or simply making a statement. U might not mean literally but to some sensitive emotional soul it could be very hurtful.

Think about it..

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Sayonara 2011, Good Riddance, Hasta la Vista, babay!!1

unlike all the previous years thru out my life, 2011 is one year that i just can't wait to get rid off as soon as it hits the fist quarter of the year. there were just so many sad happenings thru and thru, from losing someone dear to losing someone new.... there were just too many to list down or this post will never get to be published.:P

as for last year, as usual on the last day of the year; mehubby, Laith & i did some recollection of the past events through out the year.  each one of us listed down what were the highlights of the ups & the downs of the year...
in summary, we all agreed that  the Singapore trip to Universal Studios that we made in September (which i have yet to post) was about the only  thing that we mutually enjoyed. Laith also mentioned that his Birthday party was superb and the best he'd ever had ( Hmmm...how about the one before that and the ones before that and that...? ) & hinted that he wants another party just like it this year.:P
we also unanimously agreed that losing our newborn lil nephew~Suffian Mikhail was the saddest moment in our life. it was one trying moment emotionally. for the family.
as for myself, there were quite a few more events that i would rather not write about which was equally heartbreaking & buckets of tears 'wasting' moments....:'(
oh and not to forget the trips that i had to make to Laith's school for being caught misbehaving quite a number of times...*___________*...what a nightmare! :(
~stern WARNING to Laith: "u better behave well this year dear boy or else..'' (let's just hope i don't have to finish that sentence ever....)

still i believe( i can fly) that everything that happens, happens for a reason, we may find out ( the whys) later on or perhaps will remain a mystery but every cloud has a silver lightning. take every moment as part of our learning process and always, always  count on our blessings...

So let's Welcome 2012 with open dragon's arms... hope that whatever the year has to offer, it shall be better than it was last year ( for me personally).this  year may be predicted as the beginning of the end but who are we to predict, let's leave that to the mighty Lord to decide, shall we...;)

well, may be it's 12 days too late but: Happy New Year Everyone!!!


enjoy it while u can...;P


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