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Friday, April 27, 2012

Earth Hour 2012 BBQ Get together

It's another year, another Earth Hour- "I will if U will" campaign and just a perfect excuse to fire up that BBq pit and get together with some close freinds..:)
in support of the campaign, it's almost a tradition(sadly we had to skip the BBQ do last year (due to our tragic loss))  that we have Earth Hour BBQ PotLuck every year in March here in Sweet Sassy Semenyih. 

the line of  sauces; mint jelly, black pepper sauce, mango salsa, red chillie for sate lilit

pardon the blurry pix..lamb, chicks salmon..etc

my volcano mash

 my cake pop

Sate lilit (fish sate) & jumbo sausges

the must have Earth Hour trifle

Lai Krathong

this year as i lit the candles, i hope that this little gesture would somehow help our future generation live a brighter future.

Have a great weekend all!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Some Are...


Some are born an Angel
Some are born to be pure Evil
Some are  born to be a Leader
Some are born to be just a Follower
Some are born to be Wild and
Some are Tame
Some are born to Love And to be Loved
Some are born to Serve Or to be Served
Some are born to Obey Or to be Obeyed
Some are born to Test Or to be Tested
Some are born to be Almost Perfect while
Some are just unfortunate
Not Many are born to be Humble
Quite certainly a number are born Super VAIN
Some, well Some ..are born purely to be freaking Annoying
that u just want to wipe that toothless grin off that freaking Annoying face!!!

so which Some are U?

*random scribbling by SLR on dark series of 'Some' twisted poetry...


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