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Thursday, June 28, 2012

if u're not a ballet dancer/ ballerina...

  picture taken from here

Recently, i went to have some 'teh tarik' with a group of friends. We chatted n chatted from one topic to another. Since there are a few married couple in the group inevitably the 'intimate' topic popped up.  Suddenly, somebody excitedly announced that so and so's fiancee is a ballet dancer/ instructor and that upon hearing that piece of information and accordingly , everyone of so n so's male's friends' jaws drop( complete with facial expression). this somebody continued with a remark " Lucky Bas3rd!".
Upon hearing that (i wasn't naive, i just wanted to clarify ) i asked; "what do u mean? why is that being engaged / married to a ballet dancer is considered lucky?" so that the topic is out for a discussion. The response was...well it's a guy thing, we fantasize and just u imagine what a ballet dancer can do, there would be a lot of positions involve (complete with a few legs twisting n turning positions explanations, mind u). To sum the explanation all up a ballet dancer would be a great companion in bed. then my jaws dropped. it was down right Insulting. It was one disrespectful, insensitive comment i've ever heard. So what, we the non ballet dancers(i'd assume the non gymnasts, the non acrobats) suck in bed? that our husbands are unlucky to have us despite the fact that we are good at other things or even everything else but bellet dancing?

so the equation is; Ballet dancer (gymnast/ acrobat) + Bed = Lucky Bas3rd

i can't help but think that these people with this kind of mentality see the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence, Ungrateful Bas3rd!

So what now Ladies, let's start registering ourselves for ballet lessons in order to make our men feel as lucky as that "lucky Bas3rd" whose fiancee is a ballet dancer.
Or perhaps on second thought, we should find someone who really appreciate who n what we are, big fat flabby tricepts, thighs and all...

Gosh do these d!1d0s ever look at themselves in the mirror sometimes, i wonder.

Dayoung Mentari
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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

KLCC at nite...

pic taken from my Android
Just to share...
Nite- nite peeps...
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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Father' s Day dedication.

Happy Father's day to all the Baba, Bah, Aby, Daddy, Abah, Ayah, Papa, Appa, Abeoji anywhere, everywhere in the world. ^_^

that dreaded hole number 8

Yes i did it! that is one cursed hole that i rarely manage to get across n i did this morning...Booyah!
@staffield golf n country resort - western nine.

Dayoung Mentari

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Basic Intervention Ropes n Tactics

What mehubby n some team members been up to during the weekend.

Dayoung Mentari

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Love Letters...Ancient history...NOT!

picture taken from my phone under the reading light. but it u look properly, u'll find the Sweety and the Honey in the left hand corner...hahaha...too cute ^_^

Do love letters still exist?  i'm talking about the old school type of love letters or to be exact love messages that are being pass up and down from one love struck boy/ girl to one another in the classroom? does anyone below the age of 20 ever heard of it? isn't it ancient history? i thought that era has long gone... what's with the phone text messages, Facebook, What'sapps and God knows what other social media available with the technology savvy young generation of today...(o_0)

when finding  not one but 2 old school love letters/ messages in Laith's school pants while doing the laundry yesterday, i experienced a kind of a WOW sensation! it's probably like an archaeologist finding some prehistoric inscriptions or something u know. each were written on a torn up paper from the exercise book. of course, reading sentences like (ok, i must admit my reading mandarin is a bit rusty now but i still understand the head and tail of the letter though :)  : 'u're so adorable and too funny', was cute. finding Sweety and Honey as a form of endearment ( at the age of barely 12!)  were amusing....but, to actually find the Love letter is Phenomenal! It's just Wow! they do still exist Sweety Honey! Thank God, i'm still not ancient after all xD

Dayoung Mentari

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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Friday, June 15, 2012

I believe i can...swing in the sky..

Found this pictures during my Penang post and thought i've never did publish these pictures anywhere... nope not even on Facebook... so thought i'd post it here just for fun...:)

these were taken at Manukan Island during our trip to Sabah ...hmmm when was this...Erkkk...way back in.....2009!!!...OhEMGee..that long ago!?

ok, enough with the disbelieving wide eyes...here are the photos of i believe i can't fly but i did swing in the sky Yo! :)

hahaha...look at that awkward legs positions!

have a Great Grand Friday and Awsome Weekend All!

i know i will...:)

Thursday, June 14, 2012

when in Penang...

Went to Penang Island (Pulau Pinang) during the last school holiday...it was the first visit for the kids....so what did we do?
...hmm nothing much..cos it was mostly raining for the 3 days 2 nights we were there....(rain is Good...i love it when it rains :)

so it was a no brainer we should 'explore' some indoor activities at Queensbay Mall instead...err.. window shopping mostly...


we watched Snow BlaWhite and the Huntsman (yawnnnn...).. while the kids...

 spent their time here...*____*

oh ok ok...i almost forgot ...( rewind )...going to Penang Island would not be dramatically authentic if u don't do the ferry ride... which u however, would have to spend at least an hour wait before the ride...this probably happens during school holidays though...because of the long queue.

my BIL, laith and my nephews...
which we did when we arrived from Butterworth...good thing we were using the good old GPS to find the Ferry terminal or we'll just ended up crossing to the Penang island using the bridge instead... but then again ..


crossing the Penang Bridge is another must do thing when visiting Penang...the total length of the bridge is 13.5 km (8.4 mi), making it the longest bridge in Malaysia and the fourth-longest in Southeast Asia. so that'll be a good general knowledge for the kids n hope that they learn something during the trip too.

the little island that i'd imagine would be perfect for our weekend getaway cabin... only to be squashed by mehubby lil comment : "it'll only be wiped out when the tsunami comes..." errkkk...scratch that! :(

on the 1st night in Penang, somehow, we managed to get our tired butts out to the Batu Ferringhi Sidewalk nite bazaar. unfortunately, no photos cos i wasn't really in the mood to take pictures that nite :(

it was kinda fun though cos u really have to haggle hard to get the price down to the locals' rate if u don't want to pay the tourists' rate that is. yes, this market catering mainly, though not exclusively, to foreign tourists . so us locals, we haggle and we haggle hard! :) oh but make sure after the haggling u buy the said item or u'll be cursed left, right and center...if u know what i mean. :)

ok on food...when in Penang, try eat their famous Char Koay Teow, Rojak Buah, Pasembur and Laksa Penang... 

 unlike yours truly~ she had Soft Shell Crab Bento at Queensbay Mall Foodcourt! hahaha...

but, but, but...
i did try their famous Nasi Kandar Line Clear though..

to those unfamiliar what nasi kandar is :  here is an explanation taken from Wikipedia
Nasi Kandar is a popular northern Malaysian dish, which originates from Penang. It is a meal of steamed rice which can be plain or mildly flavored, and served with a variety of curries and side dishes.

The word Nasi Kandar, came about from a time when nasi (rice) hawkers or vendors would kandar (balance) a pole on the shoulder with two huge containers of rice meals. The name has remained and today the word Nasi Kandar is seen on most Tamil Muslim or "Malaysian Mamak" restaurants and Indian-Muslim stall meals.

The rice for a nasi kandar dish is often placed in a wooden container about three feet high, giving it a distinctive aroma. The rice is accompanied by side dishes such as fried chicken, curried spleen, cubed beef, fish roe, fried prawns or fried squid. The vegetable dish would usually be brinjal (aubergine), okra (lady fingers or "bendi") or bitter gourd. A mixture of curry sauces is poured on the rice. This is called 'banjir' (flooding) and imparts a diverse taste to the rice.
Started way back in 1930, Line Clear Nasi Kandar is one of the oldest nasi kandar outlet in Penang. It is located on an alley at the Chulia Street (Lebuh Chulia) and Penang Road (Jalan Penang) junction along the way to Chowrasta market.

 the one with the red hat and shades is the famous rather annoying server is the whistleblower who would blow the whistle every after he finishes serving  a customer( or a group of them ) and shouts "Line Clear!"  to indicate that it's the next customer in line's turn to be served. the waiters would occasionally glide by ur table and ask" Line Clear?' with a thumb's up to denote "do u have anything else to order / do u want anything while i'm here... to order or to complain?" (just my interpretation though...only God knows what they actually mean...:D)

 the Fish Head..with teeth and all..."Haiyak, Piranha, Run Away, Run Away..!!!"

that's a pretty Big prawn hey!

the before and after Nasi Kandar 'Line clear' at 10pm pic of Wawa.
i've been to Penang a lot of times but i 've never had Nasi Kandar before. to me, it's just way too much gravy for my liking and too spicy for me to actually enjoy it. oh well, we all have different taste buds don't we...:)

Next must visit place is the Chowrasta Market, famous for it's fruit pickles. Fruit pickles are fruits preserved in heavy syrup or brine.  there are also spicy ones when chilies are added.
Penang is famous for its pickled nutmeg, mangoes, guava and papaya. other local fruits such as kedondong, salak, asam kelubi and cermai are also equally yum-yums as pickles.

varieties of pickles

take ur pick

cherry pickles

and more pickles

dried Strawberries

fresh nutmeg
didn't get to bring the kids to the beach, didn't get to eat their famous Char Koey Teow, Penang Laksa or  their Rojak buah, did not get to do much sightseeing... but we did have a swell time in Penang.

there my long post of the month..phewhh...

till we meet again...Ta!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012


It is ur responsibility as parents to look after ur own children.
u don't like that responsibility then be responsible not to create one, u dumbAss!
don't think u can dump that responsibility on other people..
cos that responsibility of yours would simply become burden to others!

Euro2012 Opening Night Viewing Party @ Sri Pentas TV3

Last friday nite~  8th June 2012, SunnyStar(yeah, i know...this post is suppose to be on that page...but too lazy to logout and login again..so... :P ) were invited  by TV3 for the Opening Night Viewing Party  to paint flags on the faces again...

  these are some of the pictures that we managed to capture on that night.

On a totally unrelated to either face painting or football topic...
These 2 brothers~Netherlands and Italy supporters were just too cute for me not to mention here ...the little one whom supports the Italian team somehow when asked, claims that his name is  Mohammad 'Justin Bieber'. (though unrelated to football). *Note: (Mohammad is a common Muslim's boy's name in Malaysia)
Uuuuu...Justin Bieber's diehard fan!!! :P
the mom on the other hand was rolling her eyes when i turned to looked at her..hahaha... xD

when I bid farewell to him and said:  Bye, Justin! 
without a second thought he just turned and said : Bye!

kids these days...:D

as for me all i can say for this round of EuroCup: " Go Goal E.N.G.L.A.N.D!!!!" :D

have a fine time watching the Euro people!


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