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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

when people ask...

when someone dear asked me a simple innocent question "are u not excited?" i practically shed my tears n said "i'm not ready to talk about it yet,please...".

excited? well to share the happiness is good enough but to feel excited about it... i don't know...when i first heard about it..all i wanted to do was to crawl into a cafe cave..to hide n never to ever come out again. it's cruel, it's just so unfair...i waited so long to personally earn that piece of news, it was mine.


My precious... (In Gollum's voice)

About SunnyLovesRain- ok i'm trying this out so bare with me

my bux4ad.com affiliate manager says i made very little revenue so she's helping me out by asking me to write this post....;P

so here's a little nobody me just like what is written on About me box on the top left hand side with a .

Aida is part of a long winded given name written in my BC. Sunny is my alter ego & i love it when it rains. i thought it makes the most calming sound after the waterfall and the waves and the freshly cut grass...hmmm...the later is more to smell ainnit, oh well whatever...but it makes me feel at ease.

SIMPLE is simply is my other middle name...well sure i complain & whine  a little at times...that's just to either share my inner thoughts  n feelings or simply being piss off at things or people..
I am flexible, adaptable & very uncomplicated. i get frustrated & annoyed when people make a mountain out of a mole hill. 

above all that...i always make sure to count on my blessings regularly...
so basically i am what my posts are all about. i am a very simple person but not necessarily predictable.

i'm not sure if what i write ever make sense but do i look like i care....naaaah...;P


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