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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

to LIKE or not to LIKE?

on FB the only reaction given is the one and only 'LIKE', like it or not so to say...:p

 but people are just clueless sometimes... it's ok to LIKE these;


but to LIKE these??


agak- agaklah kalau ye pun kan... o_O

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Branding...the same product of different brands

i dont write about politics nor do i like to get involve in it. seriously, it's such a waste of time...yes, as a citizen i will perform my right to vote in this GE13 but to choose the party...hmmm...is there any much different from one party to another? i wonder...

personally, to me..it's just like the same product from the same factory but wrapped in different packaging n branding..

from google image
tepuk dada tanya selera...

dilemma PilihanRaya & Hari Raya this year...

This year Raya, sesiapa yang suka makan lemang tu beli jelah yang instant dlm packet kat supermarket tu ye. they look like these...


the reason for saying this is simply because...buluh buluh  tu tak sempat nak besar utk jadi lemang tradisional dah tahun ni...that looks like these ye kawan-kawan...

pokok pokok buluh tu tak sempat nak besar dah tahun ni...

sebab dah jadi tiang -tiang bendera this pilihanraya!!!


Friday, April 19, 2013


Hello Lil tiny Space!

it's been awhile since i write anything cool...i miss u... will be back in a bit.
as for now lemme leave u with this super amazing picture of mine...

with Hello Kitty at the Tiger Kingdom, Chiangmai

till my next post... have a great weekend all!


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