Thursday, November 17, 2011

my 5 seconds fame

while watching some recorded program via astro beyond, in between fast forwarding thru the commercials break, Laith thought he saw me on TV! so we rewound and paused...

it was about this carnival  astrolife was having in penang...

so here are my still 5 seconds fame on astrolife commercial shots...;P

sorry,,, just can't help it...xD
that was the picture they took of me when SunnyStar was invited to do face painting  for their (Astrolife) Open Day at the Borders the Curve sometime last a day after i came back from my second honeymoon in bali that was, looking at my braided hair obviously...:D

so there... my 5 seconds post  people! ;P


  1. long as the viewers didn't blink at that exact moment..(lol)..

  2. i knowww....infact i did actually if not because it was one of the many commecials for the programe that we recorded and that my son Laith was the one who spotted it hehehe xD


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