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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Let's JAZZ dancing!

went to a trial Jazz dance class last nite. finally.... after contemplating (for so long...) on what kind of fun exercises that would be good for someone who has a low blood pressure like me.....the (online) experts say..activities like breathing exercises (hmm..think that's kinda natural isn't it?), walking ( i do that during my round of golf..apart from i've been blessed to be able to walk of course) , swimming (i don't enjoy swimming when that means i have to share the pool with other people)  & cycling (not on this part of the area where i live...unless if i wanted to die young & pretty or disfigured for the rest of my life) are most recommended....somehow....they just spelled B.O.R.I.N.G!

so when i received a leaflet from  a local Dance Center stating that they are offering a Jazz dancing trial class...i thought to give it a try...mind u this might sound like one of my this year non- existence new year's resolutions...it's NOT.  it's not even my 2010's new year's resolution, it's probably more like my 2009's!
still...better late then never hey :P

frankly, i suck at dancing....well of course i did shake my booty during my clubbing years...like ages ago come to think of it...but that was like freestyle dancing...who cares how many counts per steps u do as long as u enjoy doing it even if it means repetitively from the very start to the end of the song and for every single songs to follow...!:P

taking up my own challenge, i went  & actually had a good time...the dance instructor Esther was very understanding, helpful & friendly, she didn't make me feel bad every time i missed a step or two or  three and sometimes the whole 8 counts!!! yeah that bad! xD

we did a warm up session before we started  the lesson which at the time i thought i was ready to give up but as i discovered later (as in the next day) i did not suffer from any post muscle pain which is awesome!

& during the lesson, of course i wish i could look like this....

pic found here

or this?

pic found here

yeah righ, fat chance!!! :P

damn, come to think of it i must have actually looked more like this last nite...

 doing the chicken dance!
....even the chicken looks (finger lickin') good....*___*

anyhow, i found out later that to be good at jazz dancing, a basic background in ballet would help...double *sigh* *sigh*
but still.... too late..
i've signed up for the class and see what jazz dancing could bring out of the 'chicken dance' in me!

ok off shopping for my jazz dance pants for my next class...

Happy today people!


  1. Music refreshes our mind and dance make us live in real. I just love dance very much and that is why I have learnt various type of dances as well. I like jazz dance also and can be happy by dancing for few hours.

  2. heya river cruise, thanks for ur revisit! :D
    yes u are right, without music, life can be such a drag. but learning how to dance properly could be quite a struggle for someone like me...hahaha..but i guess u must be a natural then...;D



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