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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Laith's rite- of- passage into manhood with Sunathrone

after a day full of activities, basketball in the morning, berendam at sungai tekala at midday and playing PS2 with mike & sam while killing the time... tibalah masanye untuk...

"bila pagi menjelang,
Pak Ji Kemat pun datang, (arwah pak Ji Kemat was the tok mudim during the time)
'hmmhmm" (there's a word for it but too indecent to write) PUTUS....! "
( ok sing along now everybody....)
*repeat *

hahaha...this is the one song that i remember me elder brother Along always sings ever since my other brothers, cousins & other relatives turned to meet the tok mudim in the old days  and to all my nephews these days...lucky for laith though meAlong was not around to scare the lil banana out of him with that hellahorror song....xD

anyway unlike the song above, the appointment was made for 4 pm at Poliklinik An- Nisa' in semenyih. No. there was no sunat beramai-ramai thing held there. we wanted to have it done quickly so not to stress laith out & that he has more time to recover before going on our short melaka holiday in couple of weeks time. 

.my not so lil baby during the trip to the clinic..

ok i may have looked overly happy but i had all species of butterflies in that tummy of mine thank u :?

for laith (well not that we have any other sons do we), we've chosen to use the latest technique in circumcision that is the Sunathrone method. invented by Dr Mohd Tasron Surat~hence the clever adaptation & combination of the word "sunat" & his own name into a medical-sounding term!

pic found here
pic found here 

the equipment used during the dot dot dot..

this method is claimed to be quick, very little blood, less pain but of course not painless or pain free lah ye... &  very fast healing. (ok i'm not being paid for this but thru my observation, yeah it was very quick) & was lucky to have Dr. Tasron himself to perform the Sunat.

only cried masa kene bius..

 was being comforted by the Aby, & the Umy? busy snapping away of course!!!;P

& this was what me hubby wrote on his fb status~"My son when through his rite-of-passage into manhood yesterday... & all i could do was hold his hands while trying not to grimace & crinch...  :( " 

hehehe... no worries aby, umy has all the pictures whenever u feel ready to see ok!!!;P

Dr Tasron at work...

Yeay DONE!!!

 the medication to take home (the pain killer, antibiotic & for swelling)
 to be taken 3 times a day...
one LARGE slurpee to celebrate...

my BIG BABY is now my lil man.

personal comment on the Sunthrone Method: .. ok not that i know of any other methods or experienced (thank GOD) it myself but from my observation with Laith he was able to wear his Bermuda  pants that very same night at home..& was able to play basketball 3 days later.



  1. interesting posting, while at the same time a bit scary...hehehehe.

  2. hahaha...it's a once in a life time experience Red..;D if we're blessed with another son pun it'll be few more years down the road...anyway even though i have all the pictures during the procedure, i wasn't actually looking, camera kasi angle kat situ, but i was really looking at laith :P



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