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Monday, August 9, 2010

Medan Muara Ikan Bakar Tanjung Harapan, Port Klang & air bateri.

Saturday last, took mebaba, mema & mesis arifa to makan-makan at Medan Muara Ikan Bakar Tanjung Harapan, Port Klang (mouthful kan!) sempena akan datangnye bulan Ramadahan yang mulia ini, i thought i'd give u some idea where to have ur buka puasa nanti...

 silalah telephone ye, kalau malu nak phone, boleh sms or kalau nak fax pun boleh~for inquiry, reservation/ booking, atau untuk saja2 nak berkenalan~ siap kasi no telephone rumah tuh! ;P

that was our first time there, so kinda terbodoh-bodohlah with their concept.
but this is how they work;

after securing ur table, grab a bekas & select ur own seafood~ crab, sotong, a selection of ikan & udang.. whatever combination to ur taste & desire...

then go to the counter to have ur udang , sotong & what not weigh, tell them what to cook, take ur order slip give it to the waitress that waits for ur table. then wait for ur food to be served (at ur table of course.... ;P )

 first to come was the otak-otak, very gemuk & tasty!

while munching on the otak-otak, look at ur surrounding & people watch for those kaypochi like me...hehehe...ramai kan orang!? well it's saturday nite the place is seriously packed. aocordingly, among the restaurants around the area, this Medan Muara is the first & claimed to be the best..or so they saylah...

next to come is the nasi lemak that suppose to be eaten with the seafood, tapi sebb semua dah lapar so, tak bleh nak tolonglah... the nasi lemak is superb, no joke, felt like tapau bawak balik for breakfast the next day but tak naklah ikut hati...to much nasi lemak for u is not good for ur health.

not very good at selecting ikan, so this is the only ikan that i thought looks good, siakap masak tiga rasa. hmmm not so nice though, it's overfried, so it's keras, too crispy to our liking. but the sauce is nice.
 i thought the udang goreng tupung is good, but they are kind of sticky to each other, suppose the cook nak cepatlah tu punye pasal...sebab ramai orangkan...my defense on behalf.

so is the sotong goreng tupung, they're stuck to one another & kinda chewy but that's because i don't really like sotong in the first place...

ketam masak masam manis~ not bad, laith enjoyed them.

the last to come was the ikan pari bakar...warghhhh how can people eat those cutey is beyond me!!!:'(

 but everyone was  too full...sila tengok purut laith yg dah macam belon itu... so we asked them to tapau for us ( for mebaba, ma & arifa actually), along with the udang & sotong goreng tupung..untuk di bawa pulang....;P

people still berbondong bondong  datang when we left at about 10pm
...that's actually the queue to the ikan & such pick & weigh section.

sama-sama...insya- 4JJI.

i think i give 3 1/2 stars for the selection of ikan & such (come early for a better pick, accordingly..)
i give 4 stars for the service...they have a handful of staff so, they are pretty quick & efficient.
  4 stars for the food~ but the nasi lemak & otak otak definitely worth a 5.
on the way home, while mebaba showed us around Port Klang where he used to live & work when mehubby remembered a special kinda drink that he once tasted (introduced by mebrother )that's very popular in Port Klang asked if Baba knows where it is....of course, that goes without sayinglah kan... suka betul when orang tua tu dengar that. well he doesnt think mehubby would like something like thatlah...mebaba calls it air tong or AmSaleh...(not sure how it's spelled) he said, but the conversation between mehubby & the apek seller that went like this confirmed us of another name;

apek: halo bos, apa mau? ( they also sell fruits & tauhu sumbat besides the drink)
mehubby: saya mau itu air, itu hari saya ade minum tapi saya ta dak tau apa panggil. dia masam-masam manis punya...
apek: ohh..saya taw, saya taw...itu kita panggil air bateri ma!!!
everyone: ...hahahaha.....
 ~like of all the name kan...!!xD
 inilah rupanye~air bateri; the apek is not telling but....it tastes like a mixture of some kind of fruit juice with asam boi & lime i think..shhh....
 & that's the apek far behind tengah sibuk potong buah.

that's the anak apek yang pakai baju MU tu ...
anyway the drink is seriously good after a seafood session..very refreshing...

the old pic masa  zaman pakai kerete sorong dulu...

now they all naik lori, jual air bateri...hahaha.. (that rhymes!)

feel like trying air bateri, u can always find them along jalan berangan in between office buildings opposite & in between of the public bank & RHB bank. they're always there...

 selamat menjalankan ibadah puasa kepada seluruh umat islam sedunia!!!


  1. ok tak puas hati... why do i have to see all gambar makanan yg lazat itu ketika bulan puasa ini?? sungguh tidak adil!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. errr...sebab makanan itu berlaku sebelum bulan pose, then during bolan pose je baru sempat hapdate!!! hehehe....



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