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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

According to popular belief, 12-12-12 is a lucky date that will bring good fortune. It’s 12-12-12 today!! Make it memorable by starting something new~ a Business would be Awesome! as for me, to make it memorable this is my very first post after signing up with Empower Network! yes, I’m still struggling in between my day job and responsibilities to be watching the 8 videos assignment given to me but… I’m getting there…slowly but surely…
so is this cool or cool? Have an Awesome evening Awesome people!

Saturday, August 25, 2012

My new personal assistant :-)

What's lost can be replaced. It might b a lot better but it will never be the same...

Yes, finally i saved enough to get myself another android phone~  Couldnt afford an sIII which `is designed for human`I settled with an sII instead which is probably designed for either zombies or robots i guess...not a problem really cos i feel like one anyway...hehehe...:-P

I had never been an iphone or blackberry fan. initially, i had my eyes on s2 for the longest time but it was beyond my budget so with galaxy s3 launched recently n that my previous galaxy plus went to a new owner ( unwillingly)s2 suits me well even if it's a little outdated( but upgraded s2 version nonetheless ;-) ).
Only downside is im still missing all those lists of things n thoughts i had on my ex-PA :'(

Dayoung mentari



Friday, August 24, 2012

Colored aka Batik Henna

Introducing my latest n newly launched service during the raya season~ Batik henna aka Coloured henna:~basically, it's Henna with a twist. No more just those boring brown or  dark brown henna to decorate ur preferred part of body, now it comes in colour :-)

it definitely last longer then face paint but not permanent as body tattoo...

Henna designs for the girls
Fun Henna designs for the boys

have agreat colourful day dear friends...:)

Dayoung Mentari

Salam Aidilfitri 2012

Selamat Hari Raya maaf zahir batin to all my muslim blog visitors.
Have a great Raya all!

Dayoung Mentari
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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Walkathon Sports Walk 1/7/2012

 The Event
Walkathon-Sports Walk Kota Damansara 2012

When : Sunday, 1 July 2012
Time : 6:30 am - 12:00 pm
Where : Carrefour Lounge, Kota Damansara

The Walk:
The event offers 4 categories to choose from -
5KM Walk- Male
5KM Walk-Female
3KM Walk-Male
3KM Walk-Female

Sports Walk is a new local event in Kota Damansara . Organized by Kelab Rekreasi Sukan Eduport (KRSE), in association with Eduport Sdn Bhd , the organization who actively held Kota Damansara sport activities.
yes, i realized that this post is long overdue since this event took place exactly a month ago...errr...my lamest excuse that i could think of is i am still too tired from the walk...to be writing this entry? :P

initially, we (mehubby, laith n i) planned to only participate in the 3KM walk however, nearing the day we became rather ambitious (taking the amount of window shoppings that we've done through out the years into consideration..) hence we decided to walk up the 5KM challenge instead thinking that it would be a breeze....

before the walk started
disregard the butt
Laith n  i were in the same category
warming up sessions
the all smile b4 the walk started
the instructor giving out some briefing..
so the walk started...
err..it's going to ur 12 o'clock miss.
the 'walkers'...not from the walking dead..

the sign at the front before giant hypermarket says 3 minutes away to Carefour
30 minutes later...
a different route for the 3KM n the 5 KM
mehubby was already waiting to cross the finishing line..
and waited...

Yeah...we've made it baybeh..
of course we didn't win but every one gets a goody bag regardless..

faces after the walk

will we do it again? hmmm...

but it was fun though..

it wasn't as breezy as we thought it would be.Why? because it wasn't (window) shopping, that's why! :D

they also have activities for kids such as palm painting, treasure hunting or was it a mini version of running man, but they looked like they had fun so that was good.

till another outdated late post people...
have a great sunny day!

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Laith's MyKad

finally, after turning 12 about 2 weeks ago which also mean 2 weeks of procrastination on our part, we finally took Laith to Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara (National Department of Registration of Malaysia)to do his National Registration Identification Card (NRIC) / MyKad.
why we procrastinated? well...it's just that...the idea of going to a government agencies (any government agencies for that matter) for whatever reasons somehow put us off since that will also mean we have to be prepared for a long wait for hours on end.

anyhooo..lazy butt or not, it's compulsory to get the mycard done for every children within 30 days upon turning 12 or be ready to be fined.

soooo.....after making a phone call to the department enquiring on what to bring; child's original birth certificate and parent's mycard and was also informed to wear something dark for the id photo we were good to go.

our fear of having to wait for a long long time and that we probably have to break our fast at the department was however much exaggeration... it was surprisingly fast, after we queued up (was a short queue) and given our 'wait number' and a form to fill,

we sat down and wait for our number to be called. the number came up about 6, 7 minutes later. went up to the registration officer, took Laith's thumbprints and my hubby's identification card to make sure that he is legitimately ours, we were told to sit down again and wait for the photo counter to call that same number. 2 minutes later, the number was up again and photo was taken and then was told " ok, u may go now."

we were like... seriously? that fast? we seriously can go now? Wow!!
i was almost so prepared for a long Hindustan entangled movie for this post but surprise, surprise it's one of those short, sweet and straight to the point one. Bravo JPN, keep up the speed!

Happy fasting people!! :)

Monday, July 30, 2012

hungry = angry

Don't be angry  cos u're hungry...think of this people of Somali...

have a blessed day...

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Lost and Gone :'(

Yesterday, was the 4th of Ramadhan and what did i feel like doing...? hmmm...extreme generosity was best to  describe. after accompanying mehubby for his med check at the hospital in the afternoon. i went off running some errand. the last stop was to the post office for a bill that is not possible to be made payment online. while filling in the cheque, i put my beloved 7 month old Samsung Galaxy (a birthday present from mehubby) on the counter. then, i waited for my number to come up ~DiNG 1 0 4 7~ WooHoo that was fast i thought. once done i headed back to the car to go...but oh wait...i forgot... to ask about this Western Union International money transfer that i was meaning to ask the clerk about...but then i thought...oh well i'll come back tomorrow...

when i went back to the office mehubby then told me that we were to break our fast with my little sick niece Pink and my BIL at the hospital so i said ok baybeh...then i went about doing my business...
to cut the story short, when we were about to leave for the hospital my SIl was telling me that she's been calling me but that it's gone straight to voice mail n i was like huh what r u taking about?, my pho..ne is...Where the dotdotdotdot  is my PHONE? (promise no swearing during Ramadhan, Sunny!)

in denial, i searched the office, the car, the rooms (while mehubby tried to call the phone which too went straight into voice mail)...in vAiN...half zombie like i sat next to my hubby in the car and backtrack what i did, where i went, what i did & where i stopped that afternoon. OHEMMMGEE....i left my phone at the POST Bl**** OFFICE!!!! it was already 6pm and there wasn't time for us to go back there and check since we had to bit the traffic if we wanted to get to the hospital on time for iftar though i wasn't really into eating anymore....

so people say, it's not the phone that we're worried about, we can always get a new phone or that it's the best excuse to get a new phone and blahblahblah and blahblahblah...it's the contacts in there so they said...yeah try that sentiment when it happens to them one day...let's just hope no one else have to face what i just did.
as for me apart from it's sentimental value, the contacts in there, my thought's, my ideas, my goofy-syok sendiri pictures~the best i could remember...thank God none were controversial ones though (so i hope ;P), my personal expenses, my personal journal about things that are 'unbloggable'. and oh dear my bitching with my besties thru text msgs...my hard to find songs in my micro sd card, my personal reminder, my various alarm reminder (for prayer, for sahur, for Laith's bed time, for Laith's school, tuition, kumon and to remind me to take my memory booster) my dreams, my plans my lists of to do things (daily basis) plus my bucket list...and the list of things in there can just go on and on and on....:'(

i feel naked and exposed...;'(
* now i hope u read this post  u son/ daughter of whatever...(* personal reminder~no swearing Sunny!)  that u also have my all 3 account numbers all ~ Hong Leong, Public Bank and Maybank, just deposit RM200 into each account every month for the rest of ur life, thank u.

imagine the hassles u have to go thru when u lost ur phone.

first things first, i called the telco to cancel the service ( which i will have to apply for a new sim card provided i have a phone that i can insert the sim card in, that is), then i changed all the passwords for all my Gmail accounts-4 all together (my business, my general, my personal, my extra personal accounts..hehehe...) ...which i have sync to the phone, my facebook account (just one), my twitter account and all my blahblahblah other accounts...phewh i managed to change all of 'em before my phone beneficiary got their hands into messing my life with any one of them accounts... *____* so i guess they were not smart enough to figure out how to decode n reset the smart phone hey!

this morning, i went back to the post office just for a closure. it's always 50-50 chance in getting it back...wishful thinking it maybe but there's no harm in trying right...plus it's the month of Ramadhan, who would steal during the holy month right? WRONG!!!
NOPE, no one found it and handed it back to the post office people and basically the post office people denied any knowledge of any phone being left behind yesterday...  ~END~ .

although it wasn't voluntarily, i've probably made someone's day yesterday, so that was probably good too..on my expense -____-

i keep reminding myself that it's just a small test from the Almighty. it was just a phone (regardless that all my personal n business contacts in there) NOT me darling hubby that i still get to lie next to at night or me one and only Laith that i get to see him off to school in the morning and fetch him home from school in the afternoon and say good nite to at bedtime or anyone of my family members or even my health that he decided to take away from me yesterday...Alhamdulillah...
Praise to God too that there are food on my plate that i still get to eat during iftar and sahur, there is still roof over my head, the country is not at war or on natural disaster.... count on ur blessings Sunny!

just hope that my phone beneficiary will look after my virtual families that i've been looking after for the last 21 generations well fed, kept and housed. my fantasy town that i have been working on at level 26. Oh please have a heart, don't post those pictures when i was at the waterfall in Facebook k.

as for now while i start saving up for my next swanky phone, i'll make do with the one that i could throw at that dishonest thieving 'S O' that has taken ownership of my very own personal assistant...if ever..

Have a grand day u people...

Monday, July 23, 2012

Birthday iftar @Secret Recipe

Chicken Parmagiana
Beef Carbonara
Award winning Irish Lamb Stew
mehubby's birthday this year was special cos it fell on the 1st day of Ramadhan. since Laith however finishes his tuition classes at 7pm on Saturdays, we opted to have the birthday iftar at secret recipe just round the corner... on the other side of town...:p
hope u had the best of day , enjoyed ur dinner and love ur presents this year.
happy birthday yayang, meluvU.

dayoung mentari
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