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Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Durian Mana Durian?

today, on my MRT ride to work. I saw this poster regarding Bulan Bahasa Kebangsaan.

I'm totally ok with that. tapi yang says amat kesalkan ialah...mana perginya bush-buah Durian di Malaysia ni???  kalau ada jumpa kat tepi jalan pun dah lah kecik, mahalnya kusemangat! dengar kata dah di hantar ke negeri Cina. dah tu orang Mesia nak makan Durian Belanda ke???

Saya yang Merindui Durian

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Titleist Si Hantu Durian

My FIL whatsapp me yesterday saying he bought some durians and giving us some. 

After a quick serenading sandwich dinner, i cracked open the durian much to my cat- Titleist 's delights.

No, this post is not about us, nor it is about the durian. It is about our cat Titleist.

Oh yes, he's crazy over durians. He started eating durian since he was about 3 months young. The vet says not to encourage him cos of the sugar level durian contains but, he's eating em only once in a while just as a treat for him and for us as well . Not that we can afford durians that often anymore since the price has gone sky rocketed like crazy nowadays.

So yes, cats do eat durians. It's not good for them but for just a few licks, who are we to say no. 

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Update: after a long hiatus


been a long time since I updated anything here.
my last post was in January 2015. that was 2 years ago!!!
I don't even know if blogging is even in trend anymore..hahaha...
and funny thing too is that I totally forgot about blogging and that in fact I actually have a blog!
going through the list of blogs that I used to follow and stalk...most are like either have not been updated for as long as 7 years or so or the link to the blog is not even there anymore ^.^

well, I guess people are now more into #Instagram-ing than blogging  cos blogging is more time consuming whereas ig-ing is instant. take a selfie, put a short caption and u're done. well yeah, I'm one of those people who have been sucked into the world of Ig-ing except for the selfie part. I don't post selfies every 5 mins okay...hahaha..

anyroad,  a little update on myself since I'm thinking of going back to writing down what I've been up to. don't really care much of weather I get traffic to this blog or not since it's kinda nice to go down the memory lane through words at the time of when things happen rather than just looking at pictures through Instagram.

So yeah, a lot has happened. ups and down. happy and sad. padded and skinny and padded again, unfortunately.  growing mature  in age everyday but still feeling young at heart. it's been good in the outside mostly though of course there are things that I just have to keep inside and guard not to be let out in the open. well, life without challenges is probably best dead but then again, what do I know  about the afterlife huh!

guess, I must also mention that after much consideration, about a year or so ago I decided to have a cat, and quickly from that one little darling kitten, I now have 2 more. the second one is by choice to keep the first one company and the third one is however totally unplanned after my dear son thought it'd be only fair that each of us have a cat each.
so yeah, I am now a proud mommy to one teenager, 1 boy cat and two princess cats... ^.^
will write more about them later in other posts..hopefully...hahaha...

there u have it, just a lil intro to the updates and so u know that I'm not dead. bad joke but it's kinda rhymes...

till we meet again,


An ode to my dearest Son DLA

Tiada 2 tiada tiga, hanya kau yg satu.
Kaulah permata hatiku
Kaulah jantungku
Kaulah nyawaku
Kau jugalah duniaku
Terima kasih anakku,
kerana kau, aku merasa menjadi IBU.

Bayi mu membahagiakan
Kanak mu mengembirakan
Remaja mu penuh cabaran
Dewasa mu mematangkan

Lembutlah hatimu anakku
Lapanglah dadamu anakku
Tenanglah fikirmu anakku
Mudahlah jalanmu anakku

Pilihlah Jalan yang benar anakku
Pilihlah jalan Yg diredhai anakku
Laluilah jalan ITU dengan sabar
Walaupun Jalan ITU amat mencabar

Lihatlah keindahan
Hidulah kesegaran
Dengarlah kebaikan
Ucaplah kesyukuran

Bahagiaku melihat kau gembira
Lukaku melihat kau berduka
Doaku agar kau berjaya
Doaku agar kau bahagia

Ya Allah,
Sayangilah dia
Kasihilah dia
Kasihanilah dia
Terangkanlah hatinya
Permudahkanlah urusannya
Tunjukkanlah dia jalan yang lurus
Jadikanlah dia anak yang Soleh
Sinarilah hatinya dengan cahaya keimanan
Hanya kau Maha Penyayang Dan Maha Mengasihani.

An ode to my dearest Son DLA
Jan 2016

Tuesday, September 1, 2015


Salam Merdeka Malaysia!!
So.... over the long weekend I fell sick with flu and fever on top of my tendolisomethingtis  aka sore right shoulder/ arm,
there's just so much resting and watching telly that I could do then... I got bored...
Suppose, I could do some spring cleaning around the house and what not but then... I got bored...
then i thought repainting the house gate & fence would be interesting, i did. in the middle of the night (since it's not hot plus i couldn't sleep) it wasn't bad but my arm started to throb and half way through i got bored...
then the next day it started to rain...i waited but then i got bored...

hehehehe...the gate is now half painted black with the rest was still in the original white...i name it Cruela de Vil.

Jadinya...this was basically
my version of bersih project.
The reproduction of Oscar the Grouch from Sesame Street on my trash bin/ garbage hole door that came off due to rust with my new set of acrylic paint.
One door down, One more to go...
Once that done, will have to find a welder to weld the door back to the frame.


Friday, August 28, 2015

My very first man

My very first man
to hold me
to kiss me
to cuddle me
to caress me
to spoil me
to whisper that he loves me
to say that im pretty even though im the ugly duckling
to call me his princess even though I'm nothing like one

he loves me unconditionally
he loves me more than i can ever loved him
he loves me even when he knows i am with another man
that first man can never b my ex
cos his blood runs through my vein
he will live forever in my heart.

It's been two years now..
Missing u much..
Love u Baba <3

Written on the 29/08/13


Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Miles: the Traveling Beruang

Hi! my name is Miles,
short for Miles Budak Brown, the traveling beruang
I shall be accompanying myumy every time she goes traveling to see the world on behalf of all the children with cancer.
This is my mission:
I am the bearer of a little child's dream to travel the world. As he/ she has cancer, so I travel in his/ her place. Would you be my traveling companion as we realize this child's dream?
May our adventures bring meaning to others...
Let's be the best of friends.

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