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Saturday, May 30, 2009

the chronicles of 10 years ago today...the telling part

10 years ago today, i was told about my hubby to be(h2b)...by ma...yes my ma!
believe it or not my brothers (3 out of 4 brothers)& some of our mutual friends had plotted a meeting between me & my h2b (with consent from ma & baba)...ini sudah match making punye cerita nih...
i was like huh!? apa nih? but i tot it was just talk-talk..so oklah anyway no harm donelah kan, nak jumpa2 je...nothing serious punkan...or so i thought!!
the reasons for all this match making was simply b'cos since after school my choices of bfs seems to be non- malays (tak lah ramai mana pun..yg diorang tawu & officially knownlahkan ada 3 je) ...so takut punye pasal that i'll marry a non -malay & tinggal kat 'non-malaysia' they decided to intervene & find me a decent reliable gentleman for me...
then my 3 brothers~ along, ateh & pa' uda ( my angah tidak terlibat sama for some unknown reasons)siap panggil jumpa kat opis dorng tuh bagi tawu profile lagi...hahahha... cam hindustan lah plak kan...i was like ok, ok, interesting...nanti jumpa we'll see how ok~was my response...
i didn't take it seriously of course...sebab it's almost the end of 20th century sudah mawu masuk 21st century ape cerita pulak kan)..& at the time i thought this or that match making business would never happen to me.. hey i'm an oversea graduate (cheh perasan macam baguslah mase tu )mane ade lagi kisah cinta lepas kahwin kan...oh so i thought at the time...hahaha....XD

to be continued~the meeting...

Saturday, May 23, 2009

blogger's block

it's been a while since i last blogged. reasons simply being i am experiencing a blogger's block. i'll be blogging away in my head when not in front of the pc. the minutes i login & sign in...i'll simply stare @ the screen blankly....(after a 5 mins pause) i came up with this sentence... in the end i turn to my facebook & got sucked in to those crazy unbelievable good for nothing quizzes! blueh ;P

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Happy Mother's, Teacher's & Birthday MA!!!

I think May is a special month. it's Ma's Birthday today~ 16th of May. this date happens to coincide with teacher's day & together with that we also celebrate mother's day in May. so to me May is specially dedicated to Mothers & that seems to be true cos my MIL's birthday coincidentally falls on the 3rd of May & she used to be a teacher too. Well i guess all mothers are teachers in their own way....
((((BIG hugs)))) to both my MAs. Love you(s) Always.....

Friday, May 15, 2009

a stop for pau...

one weekend (saturday to be precise) moons ago...a family (chulin & abg nal suggested the place) trip was called for...destination~ Taman Rekreasi Air Panas (TRAP) Sungai Kelah- Kolam air panas, somewhere at or near Tanjung Malim. it's been a longggggggggggg time since we had any family trip, so hubby & i (laith including) decided to tag along...along with abang fahmi & the gang & eyna & the gang and of course chulin & the ganglah kan...in all ada 4 kereta convoy.

we left at about eight ishhh in the morning without breakfast sebab we planned to stop by at this famous pau restaurant in tanjung malim for some delicious)r dilisyious mengikut sebutan sam my nephew) pau.
i was especially excited for this sebab it's been awhile since i last visited this kedai pau. baba used to take us to this particular kedai pau for our Sunday breakfast when we were kids sampailah before I got married. So I guess it’s been almost 10 years or so lah since I last went there.
look at those scrumptiously yummy looking pau...i especially love the chicken curry pau...
& not forgetting the old style chinaware...cool huh!?
they have a variety of chicken curry, beef curry, red bean & kaya pau filling.
the pau tasted exactly the same just like the last time i visited the place but the price has definitely double or perhaps even triple what we used to pay years ago...
they certainly enjoyed the pau wholeheartedly...;P
Hmm..one thing for sure when it is a specialized shop.. confidently claimed that their whatever specialties offered are the best, make sure u order just that, well u can of course try other varieties they offered but if the taste is not up to your expectation, just don’t complain..

like these yong tau foo that i ordered & the 'something' noodle which also comes with the yong tau foo that syiya ordered was absolutely plain!!! i'd rather go to pasar malam & get them yong tau foo than the one they have here...& this is only my personal opinion like the saying goes, one man's meat is another man's poison...so it's really up to one's taste..
but if u love pau this is the place u should go...

check it out~ http://www.yikmun.com

so there...the end of pau story at last...next stop will be Taman Rekreasi Air Panas (TRAP) Sungai Kelah- Kolam air panas.
happy pau ing!

Monday, May 11, 2009

she knows me after all!?

this is the sequel to my post on "a classmate who isn't my friend".

when i logged in to facebook yesterday, i was informed that i have a friend request. curious, i clicked confirm request page to see who could the person be. to my surprise, it was that *Btuth* girl that pretended that she did not know me or just don't remember me when we met at the clinic 9 years ago & i've rejected her request to tag herself in one of my old school photos.

if she was sincere...she would have requested friendship when she requested to tag herself in my photos wouldn't she? just because we have some mutual friends...she thinks she's forgiven & forgotten...not a chance!

"mrs. thinks she's all that" *Btuth*"!

see where the cursor is?~ IGNORE!!!

hah..too bad..it's just 9 years too late *Btuth*!..i dun want to know you all over again... thank you but no thank you very much for remembering me finally*! :(Pffffft...


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