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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

KFC Krushers vs McDonald Mcflurry

Dear KFC, U suck!!
after making me, myhubby & son tasted & then hooked on them Krushers, they are not available at any one of your outlet in Semenyih nor Kajang area! u have 4 outlets which are closed by to each other in Semenyih area alone but not ONE, i repeat NOT ONE of it serves those sinfully yummy Krushers!!! it's been months now since u've launched them, and everytime we go (at one of ur 4 outlets ( and sometime all four since they are so near to each other) in Semenyih) and ask for them Krushers, ur staff would simply answer" we don't serve them, mam."
like what??? do u think we ( the people in Kajang) are that remote or too 'kampung' to enjoy ur oh so freaking awesome  Krushers???  last nite, we tried our luck again and went to your outlet in Kajang (metro point) only to be told the only outlet that actually serve them Krushers is in Bangi. say what? that is like 35 minutes drive away, u ignoramus!!! so the only time we could get our Krushers fix is when we go out of Kajang, how sad...:(
anyway it's ur loss, we can't have them gorgeous Krushers we'll just substitute with McFlurry instead...those Cornetto McFlurry, Cookies & Cream & Milo Supreme are just as yummy & to die for too u know... ;P

Thursday, November 17, 2011

my 5 seconds fame

while watching some recorded program via astro beyond, in between fast forwarding thru the commercials break, Laith thought he saw me on TV! so we rewound and paused...

it was about this carnival  astrolife was having in penang...

so here are my still 5 seconds fame on astrolife commercial shots...;P

sorry,,, just can't help it...xD
that was the picture they took of me when SunnyStar was invited to do face painting  for their (Astrolife) Open Day at the Borders the Curve sometime last year...err..like a day after i came back from my second honeymoon in bali that was, looking at my braided hair obviously...:D

so there... my 5 seconds post  people! ;P


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