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Friday, May 18, 2012


it's a confusing expression if u ask me. when i used to post my status updates which i rarely do now i would sometimes put Boohoo to indicate distress or sadness. now i see people using Huhu (i don't know probably just here in Malaysia)in stead of boohoo sparingly in thier status updates, comments n pictures comments...n it irritates me senseless! why? because some just makes no sense...

i mean u know what haha or hehe/hihi is in some posts which to indicate the writer is either joking, not being serious, think the statement or post is funny or can also mean sarcastically funny...but when they start putting huhu in certain post it just sound wrong ...i just go..huh??

example of acceptable huhu expressions
- not feeling well. huhu..
- traffic sucks! huhu..
- missing u..huhu..
- super hungry huhu..
- late for: work/ class/ meeting/ appointment. huhu
- got up late. huhu
- cant sleep. huhu
- baby in distress huhu..
- i want one but i can't afford it. huhu..
- the song makes me cry. huhu..

here are the example of those statements that u just want to give that free slap on the face when u read..
- baby is cute.huhu..(why?)
- exam's over! huhu.. (don't u mean hooray! or even WooHoo ?)
- the party last nite was great..huhu (what's the huhu for?)
- the food is yummylicious! huhu..( er.. why?)
- i love this song! huhu...( does it make u cry?)
- just bought an iphone 4s.huhu ( again, isn't it hooray? or a WooHoo?)

well basically u get the idea..but the most tragic misused huhu expressions of all time is when someone (famous for using this huhu expression)  wrote a birthday wish on another person's wall;

"Happy Birthday! Huhu..'

doubleU tee Eff!?? i slap u one time then u know...go HUhu yourself silly!

writing from my rest bed. on 2 weeks do nothing rest (doctor's strict order) now i can go boohoo or shall i write huhu instead?


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