Saturday, April 25, 2009

a pair of perfectly matching it too much to ask!?

when i was young & at school, it used to be ma's problem, never mine. when i was studying in UK, i wore tights, never a problem because they're invented in such away that both socks & leggings become one. so nope, i didn't have a problem then...

problem started when i got married... yeah that is when my quest for a pair of perfectly matching socks started & It's a daily quest with hubby's pair of socks!

my hubby wears a fresh pair of socks every morning, but every night when he comes home from work, how much i knew he dumps the pair of those socks in the clothes hamper, they managed to disappear after i did the laundry...
the most unbelievable part is.. if i were to wash 2 pairs of socks at once, once dried, only one un matching pair will turn up! how frustrating could that be?

now that Laith has started school... it's a double nightmare for me. what's worst is that every after school he goes back to my PIL's house together with my nephew mike. so the socks either got mixed up with mike's or simply gone missing during transits! :(

& this problem applies to all types of socks too... be it for office type, casual type , school type or even the sport's type... what irritates me so much is in the world could a pair of similar looking socks emerge from the laundry pile with different partners`meaning: different colour dots or lines!

anyhow, i gradually found solutions to both my hubby's & Laith's pairs of un-matching socks shenanigans. during laundry time, i will pair each perfect matched pair with safety pins or whenever i go out shopping for new pairs of socks for them i simply buy the exact same designs & colors! that way if the partner of one pair gone awol i just match them with the other...hahaha...



  1. oh ye sgt benar. but my solution is.. tu put it all together dlm washing net. like the one that i bought for you tu, but smaller one. =)

  2. bagi diorg pakai legging je. senang. hahahahaha.

  3. hahaha...barulah jadi peter pan nanti!

  4. hahahaha! tu la pasal. cube imagine budak2 tu pakai legging.... cute gila! hahahaha.


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