Friday, April 22, 2011

Save the Earth, Save the cheerleaders!

 picture found here , thanks edi.

It's Earth Day today!
it was founded by Gaylord Nelson, then a U.S. Senator from Wisconsin
unlike the Earth Hour which i have been participating since the start in 2007
accordingly, Earth Day has been around since 1970
way before i was born *hmmm... at least it's older than me...* ;P
but i only got to know about it just a couple of weeks ago when i started joining Bloggers Unite.

apart from doing my regular recycling bits & pieces..
using those energy saving light bulbs at home..
leaving those wild shrubs at the back of my 'English garden' *wink*
& occasionally planting some little medicinal & herbs trees n plants...
i think i still have a lot more to order to help save the earth for the benefit of our future generations....
or they will start asking their parents ( we've probably long gone by then)
how does rain, snow, trees...etc (like Wall-E) looks like...

unlike the caption in the Heroes TV show: Save the cheerleader, Save the world.
in our case, it should be: Save the Earth, Save our Future Generations (including the cheerleaders if necessary ;P)

Happy Earth Day all!

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