Tuesday, April 12, 2011

He's only 10 but now... he's in L.O.V.E!

aish...call it whatever..crush, puppy love...my boy Laith is now in Love!!! *________*
sometimes last week, he blushingly told us that he likes a girl 'LH' in his class but since she has way too many admirers...(they even exchange pictures thru the phone, mind u!)
two days ago, he had a change of heart & decided that he likes another girl 'HY' better who seems to adore him (like she loves pinching his chubby cheeks like...& thinks that he's cute...).
oii whatdoido, whatdoido???

it's good that he opens up about his feelings and all but at this age...*sigh*.  well i 'm not stopping him but i don't  exactly encourage him either....whatdoido, whatdoido???

on a positive note...he loves going to school even when he's not feeling very well... he just insists on not missing school! good hey!? *___*

all i can say is...haish...kids these days!!!;?

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