Tuesday, April 12, 2011

oops...it's a mistake!

let's face it...
no one is perfect
& that everyone makes mistakes
so here's a 'PING' to all of us...

ever heard of a saying
a rose by any other name would smell as sweet?
a mistake by any other name;
be it spoken or by action..
BIG or small..
call it..
stupid mistake,
silly mistake
careless mistake
it simply is a mistake
a 'take' that u've *'mis'took! :P

however much we'd love
to undo
to delete
to forget

what's done is done
what said is said
only words written can be deleted or struck (like this)

if we are lucky enough there is of course
a lucky mistake
a once in a blue moon occurrence
as good as any of us winning a lottery!
(that is if we ever buy one!)

a mistake is usually unintentional
we only know its a mistake
after we *'mistook'!

one good thing comes out of it...
we learn from our mistake
not just from our own but
from others too...

of course it'll be great
if we can just wash our hands &
forget about it
or better still
if we can simply blame others
for those mistakes

it's the most precious life lesson...
learn from mistakes..
ours & others...

                                                                *(as in 'misjudged')

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