Tuesday, October 25, 2011

don't b rude...

know how it feels when someone abruptly hung up on u (note:u as a friend not a tele- marketeer (which people often do) cos they don't get u to agree to things their way?

it is equivalently similar feeling to when someone slam the 'freaking' door in ur face! (Note: not that u're a MLM direct seller or a door to door sale person selling hairdryer mind u (...err hairdryer??? which people often do of course) but as once claimed best friend :'(

the initial reaction to that would of course be~DoubleU(2xU)TeeEFF MF shock! then followed by the combinations of  anger, hurt, anguish, dishearten..well u get the idea...and finally u'll just resolve to...WhatEVER!!!

*pictures are all courtesy of google image.

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