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Thursday, October 13, 2011

a missed call & what leads to it...

received a missed call sometime after midnight a few nights back. phone calls late at nite or early morning always put me into panic mode but since i didn't recognise the number so i just took it as a non intended call by the caller or to put it simply~ wrong number.

later the next day, i received a text message from that same number demanding to know whose number he/she had miscalled the night b4!? err...excuse me, isn't that suppose to be the other way round? *___________*

anyway these were the texts exchange between us...:P

stranger: Who's tiz?
me: who's tat?

stranger: Who ru? (err...who ru?)
me: I is me, U is who?

stranger: Amir. And U? (could it be my brother Amir aka A2? but of course i'd know my brother's number wouldn't i)
me: hmm...ok Amir, i think u got wrong number.

stranger: Who are u then?
me: Do u know Xunny? (hahaha trying to be exotic i was)

stranger: i dnt know...wat a weird name!
me: Yeah i guess, but cool name anyhow...ur name sounds like my brother's ( i won't admit to him that he and my brother shares the same name of course)

stranger: Thx..i own a shop at pavillion and sg wang plaza...nice to know you (did i in anyway asked him, i would not know)
me: What kind of shop is that? U must be rich!

stranger:Rich nop lerr. Just Lil bit. Ladies wear shop and a gold shop
me: Wah what lady's wear shop? u mean like clothes & dresses or the lingerie kind?
how to order? got online store or not or may be facebook? this store at in Sg Wang or Pavilion? what's the name of ur shop? (well.... it was raining with thunder n lightning.... i had to switch off the puter, and i got bored...:P )

stranger: U male o f?
me:What's this? we're like in a chat room. M o F? what do u think Xunny is?

stranger: i just open 3dys ago. Hvnt create any web yet! Tiz at pavilion. And the name is 'lady shop'
me: Congratulations! i'll ask my mum to go there when she's there.. (hahaha...trying to confuse him i did, & that certainly a tacky name for a shop at Pavilion, Sg Wang maybe, but definitely not Pavilion material!)

stranger: I rasa pelik...Did your parents give u tiz name?
me: yes they did. We all hv weird names except for my brother who has a similar name as u.

stranger: Tq...U wear g-strings?    (what's the tq for anyway...n trying to b cheaky did he?)
me: my mum does, this is her phone btw...hehehe...

stranger: ohk. Sowie then!
me: hehehe... but ill ask mum to go check out ur shop whenever she goes to pavilion k, nice chatting with u Mr similar name with my brother!

stranger: Hw old ru?
me: 13, U?

stranger: 26! U r young lol to wear g-strings
me: hehehe...where did u get this no anyway?  N why are u chatting me up n not seeling things at ur shop?

and so that's the end of it..xD

have a great weekend peeps! i'll be at the Estee Lauder Breats Cancer Awareness Campaign at Pavilion, KL tomorrow  painting the PINK ribbon on people's face. :D

p/s:  i'll check out if there is a shop by that name definitely...;P

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