Saturday, August 25, 2012

My new personal assistant :-)

What's lost can be replaced. It might b a lot better but it will never be the same...

Yes, finally i saved enough to get myself another android phone~  Couldnt afford an sIII which `is designed for human`I settled with an sII instead which is probably designed for either zombies or robots i guess...not a problem really cos i feel like one anyway...hehehe...:-P

I had never been an iphone or blackberry fan. initially, i had my eyes on s2 for the longest time but it was beyond my budget so with galaxy s3 launched recently n that my previous galaxy plus went to a new owner ( unwillingly)s2 suits me well even if it's a little outdated( but upgraded s2 version nonetheless ;-) ).
Only downside is im still missing all those lists of things n thoughts i had on my ex-PA :'(

Dayoung mentari



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