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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Walkathon Sports Walk 1/7/2012

 The Event
Walkathon-Sports Walk Kota Damansara 2012

When : Sunday, 1 July 2012
Time : 6:30 am - 12:00 pm
Where : Carrefour Lounge, Kota Damansara

The Walk:
The event offers 4 categories to choose from -
5KM Walk- Male
5KM Walk-Female
3KM Walk-Male
3KM Walk-Female

Sports Walk is a new local event in Kota Damansara . Organized by Kelab Rekreasi Sukan Eduport (KRSE), in association with Eduport Sdn Bhd , the organization who actively held Kota Damansara sport activities.
yes, i realized that this post is long overdue since this event took place exactly a month ago...errr...my lamest excuse that i could think of is i am still too tired from the walk...to be writing this entry? :P

initially, we (mehubby, laith n i) planned to only participate in the 3KM walk however, nearing the day we became rather ambitious (taking the amount of window shoppings that we've done through out the years into consideration..) hence we decided to walk up the 5KM challenge instead thinking that it would be a breeze....

before the walk started
disregard the butt
Laith n  i were in the same category
warming up sessions
the all smile b4 the walk started
the instructor giving out some briefing..
so the walk started...
err..it's going to ur 12 o'clock miss.
the 'walkers'...not from the walking dead..

the sign at the front before giant hypermarket says 3 minutes away to Carefour
30 minutes later...
a different route for the 3KM n the 5 KM
mehubby was already waiting to cross the finishing line..
and waited...

Yeah...we've made it baybeh..
of course we didn't win but every one gets a goody bag regardless..

faces after the walk

will we do it again? hmmm...

but it was fun though..

it wasn't as breezy as we thought it would be.Why? because it wasn't (window) shopping, that's why! :D

they also have activities for kids such as palm painting, treasure hunting or was it a mini version of running man, but they looked like they had fun so that was good.

till another outdated late post people...
have a great sunny day!

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