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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

so who's the bride, again?

went to a friend's wedding last Sunday nite...
in their fb event page stated that it's a garden do & guests were advised to wear...

Dress code for Female: White or Gold or Cream
Dress code for Male: White or Cream Top/Shirt
Theme: White Villa & Garden Wedding 

so here's the snap shots of the nite...

here comes the bride...dressed all in white...

oopss...which one's the bride?

err...the bride is hugging another bride at the same wedding??

now, now, now..whose wedding is this again?

hmmm... must have attended the wrong wedding then did we...i've not a clue who this couple are...





Hamdi Hamdan / Humpty Dumpty / Mash Potato / Sonny & Halini / Nini
...our paintball buddy & WAG.

...wearing white as a bride is a (western) tradition, wearing white as a guest at a wedding is not a good idea, wearing a 'long  bride like white dress" complete with hair properly coiffed up is a definite NO-NO!!!

albeit without the tiara & veil, u're still way too much, shame on u missy!!!

  even if it is part of the colour code in the event page.. one has 2 other color options to wear aside from white...which is cream or gold...

like Siti & i~ even though they look like a couple of going to party dresses...& probably a lil under dress for the wedding,  but at least we didn't (or even try to) outdo the bride yo! ;P

so shall we have the decency &  leave white for only the bride ( & may be the groom too )please.....

to Mash & Nini, Congratulations!!! May u two (plus+) live happily ever after...


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